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System optimization through electrification:
– Boosting productivity and availability – ‘‘Traction Optimization‘‘: Traction management and electric traction directly on implements deliver improved payload and reduction of wheel slip.
– Increasing precision and documentation – ‘‘ Precision Farming ‘‘: Additional sensors and electric actuators on implements make it possible to save on operating materials, work at greater speed and improve the accuracy of documented results.
– Zero emissions: Electric-driven tractors operated by batteries or fuel cells will help to make this vision come true.

Electric Driveline Solutions
In combination with appropriate traction management, systems with electric traction drives on implements offer significant advantages when it comes to applications on loose ground.
System optimization with electrically distributed traction management has the potential to boost both productivity and tractive effort. To encourage the breakthrough in terms of the performance required from electric traction drives on implements, the development of a modular drive system was necessary with the best possible potential for synergies with other applications.

The high-performance high voltage generator module ZF TERRA+ in combination with the electrical single-wheel drive ZF eTRAC ensures optimum progress of the trailer or attachment in terrain (Traction Management). With this concept, ZF demonstrates how intelligent mechanical systems can also be applied in off-highway applications.

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