Xiaomi Home Plug – WifiCat – Internet over your electrical wiring!

In this video, we’re taking a quick look at the Xiaomi HomePlug, or WiFi-cat. This device can transport internet-signals over your homes electrical wiring, allowing you to easily create Wi-Fi hotspots.

The starter-kit consists out of a Host-device and a sub-device. The host device gets connected to your router over an ethernet cable and is plugged into a nearby electrical socket. This allows you to plug in a sub-device in any other power-socket in your home, which fetches the signal and creates a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This device is particularly helpful if you live in a large home with many wifi dead-spots as it overcomes all the problems you’ll face using wifi-repeaters and amplifiers. It sounds pretty complex, but its set-up was actually surprisingly easy.

I have recently installed these in my parents home in The Netherlands, and the Wi-Fi reach of these devices was very impressive. With two sub-devices we were able to cover all three floors and we had strong signal through-out the whole house. -So during my stay, I didn’t have to deal with WiFi dead spots any longer!

We have tried it out on several power-outlets throughout the house, on different electricity groups and that all worked perfectly.

I am very much impressed with this product, and so far have had really great experiences with it.

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