23 Responses to “Worst Electrical Work Ever”

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  1. AusOnlineBaja says:

    go to bali, it’s worse

  2. Joshua Berne says:

    haha looks like alot of the wiring in my house. good thing im a trained in
    electrical wiring. i spoted this the second i walked in the basement

  3. Andrew Tornadoboy says:

    `As known as “electric Darwin award generators”

  4. Samuel Aguilar says:

    My eyes are killing me because they had to see this XD

  5. Felamine says:

    Unbelievable the things people do to save some money. The cost of a proper
    wiring job is peanuts compared to the cost of property and lives.

  6. Randy Savage says:

    A vice grip holding a fuse to the bus? Are you fucking kidding me? That guy
    should be in jail.

  7. Sam Atkins says:

    A gas main in an eletric box what sort of a world i we living in

  8. norman gates says:

    at 0:54, there is the worst jumble of wire nuts I’ve seen in the world!! If
    it’s underwater, it will blow up, fail, and dissolve!

  9. Mitchell Theobald says:

    go like the facebook page “crap electrical” . not mine but ive seen some
    shockers there!

  10. Mitchell Theobald says:

    do you have a higher res video of this? 240p is rubbish, i cant make out

  11. Sam Atkins says:

    The songs creepy

  12. Tim Gomes says:

    It’s terrifying to think that people think this is safe.., o.o

  13. Nung22132 says:

    All these pictures were taken at my house!

  14. abtsuxs says:

    Jeeeeesus Christ…

  15. javi romero says:

    Some people think be electrician is read a book from home depot 🙂

  16. rbagel55 says:

    Hate to say it, but it looks like some of the boneheaded bird brained work
    seen at some of the Apartments/Condos I’ve worked maintence jobs at.

  17. Home Made Random says:

    0:55 has GOT to be a joke!?

  18. vertoisful says:

    What’s this song called

  19. bassax13 says:

    Anyone else think this song is summoning satan

  20. vertoisful says:

    This song sounds like matrix clubbed to death

  21. Billy Smith says:

    I like the motion sensor out door light in the shower.

  22. rockknee95 says:

    Unfuckingbelieveable. Btw those connectors at 1:05 simply suck, they should
    have never even existed. Wagos rule!

  23. Tech Davey says:

    I’ve seen worse than that. When I lived in a bedsit in London an old lady
    who lived upstairs brought me her brass table lamp to fix. It had a
    peculiar three core flat cable, (two greens and a white I think as it was a
    very long time ago) Someone had twisted the greens together and connected
    them to the live pole of the plug (that was lucky!) and the white wire
    which was actually the Earth or Protective Conductor as it is now called
    was connected to the neutral pole of the plug. The two greens were
    actually meant to be live and neutral to the bulb and the white was meant
    to be the earth. The lamp was presumably foreign and made many years
    before wiring colours were agreed. In any case AFAIK single insulated
    flexes have always been non-approved in the UK as we still have 240 volts
    over here. Decades later I have to wonder whether the old lady was a
    refugee as we’ve never had wire like that in England.

    Incidentally a Teddy Boy at my old school was electrocuted in his bath. He
    reached out to change the record on his record player but the player was
    live. One Darwin Award! Don’t they always say “Never take electrical
    appliances into the bathroom”?