Why Neutral wire don't give Electric Shock

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In this video topic covered
0:00 Introduction of Phase and Neutral in Electrical System.
0:24 What are the conditions for the flow of electricity
1:03 Electrical socket phase, Neutral and Earthing
1:22 Calculation of Current flow in 100w bulb
2:25 Using Ohms Law resistor Calculating
3:01 Human body resistance
3:34 Why phase give electrical shock
5:10 Current calculation using ohms law
6:15 What is the effect of electric current on the human body?
7:13 Why Neutral wire don’t give Electric Shock
8:15 For unbalance neutral it give Electric Shock
9:40 Why Same times Neutral give Electrical Shock

Top Electrical Interview Question.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. Why don’t we get shock when we touch neutral point
2. Can you get an electric shock from a neutral wire?
3. Why does neutral wire have voltage?
4. What happens if neutral wire breaks?
5. What is neutral wire
6. Why not get shock touching neutral wire
7. Why don’t we get “shock” when we touch the neutral
8. Why doesn’t neutral wire give a shock?

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