Where Are The Engineering Jobs? Outsourced To India? My Advice To Fellow Engineers

Just learned today that my third engineering friend will be “unemployed” by the end of this month. This is utterly rediculous. He just moved a year or so bac…

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  1. saledaddy1 says:
  2. Christopher Drenik says:

    I feel ya man. Fresh out of school and can’t get an entry-level position..

  3. saledaddy1 says:

    I talked to a few engineers who are working overseas. One was on a flight
    with me as I was going to South Korea. Another was a classmate.. And I have
    heard many stories about overseas being good. The only issue some mention
    is getting a good word in for you. But, I am thinking.. With like South
    Korea, you can easily get a teaching job over there making $3000 a month
    often with an apartment already thrown in. So, you could like get over
    there and then apply engineering jobs.

  4. saledaddy1 says:

    Might sound crazy, but the fact is, they have jobs a plenty over there. My
    father was even telling me he read there is some guy who makes $4 million a
    year teaching over there. I guess he really built up a reputation and there
    are a lot of people with money wanting the best for their kids.

  5. Antonio Rios says:

    Thank you for this video! I’ve also been trying to find more information
    about the engineering job market and what is the real unemployment rate for
    engineers. I’m studying to become an engineer and everywhere from my
    instructors to media reports keep telling use that engineers are in high
    demand which I think is just a big lie and just a way to keep students
    taking out student loans to pay for college.

  6. saledaddy1 says:

    There in good demand in Asia and Arabia.. America, not so much… There are
    many engineers without jobs currently. Often they go from job to job with
    about a year or two at each until they are laid off. I had 4 friends
    without jobs. But two of them just found a job pretty quickly. Both of the
    two were pretty high up the ladder, so I am guessing that is why it was
    easy for them. The other two, were not having much luck with climbing the
    ladder and they are the two who can’t find jobs.

  7. Justin Campbell says:

    I graduate in chemical engineering in 2010… got a job almost a year later
    as a process specialist inside of a chemical manufacturing plant making
    $42,000/yr. was there for a year and half, and got laid off. No paper work
    needed because i wasn’t in the union. no valid reasons why. Now i’ve been
    unemployed for a year. so i took my savings and drove down from upstate New
    York to Houston, TX. i’m screwed if i dont get a job within 3 months. i
    hope the huge loss (huge for my income) in savings was worth the drive

  8. aviomaster says:

    Someone in financial sector can make in one year what engineer makes in 100
    years Electronic engineers make Next to nothing.

  9. Christine myers says:

    I just read an article about how there are many STEM Americans who are
    unemployed , I can’t believe how some of the smartest people in the country
    can’t find work. Something def needs to be done about this..I new an ex
    engineer who started teaching. I think that was a great idea since they
    make some of the best math and science teachers ! although you won’t get
    the pay you would get in the STEM field.

  10. Don Gore says:

    What I did is buy a piece of cheap land for 6k and save about 25k and took
    a year off and built a 1000 sq ft house for about 10k and lived on 15k and
    was the contractor and labor. One way to get on top of a house and own it
    rather than go to a bank and borrow for 30 years. Nice time off too. What
    has happened is simple class war since around 1970. Speculation eats out
    the economy like a spider wasp larva eats out it’s host. I’m an EE.

  11. legionaryilluminati says:

    Sir, you are incorrect about engineering jobs being OUTSOURCED to INDIA.
    Engineers in India find NO Engineering JOBS period, if outsourcing was done
    bby the USA, India would have NO unemployment in the technical expertise
    sector. Here is what is happening: OLD engineers are Hogging their
    positions and all of a sudden you Have WAY too many people with too many
    ENGINEERING degrees and at the same time peoples disposable incomes have
    gone down, meaning companies will not hire NEW engineers (coz they already
    have engineers) coz they are making less money (but in truth, more money
    with less labor expenditures) and the Consumers are also BUYING LESS
    engineering goods and Using their OLD Gadgets for longer periods coz they
    cant afford a State of the art Brand new Gadget (which is yet again a
    product of engineering). An American Engineer gets paid 50K a year, with
    that much money you can HIRE a whole Team of engineers in China, where most
    US companies are moving to and US Imports are coming from. So yes, American
    engineers, your days are numbered.

  12. sionvsion says:

    Thanks for your video. I was really wanting to go to school for
    engineering but I had my suspicions. I used to be a nurse and they are
    blowing through nurses too… 6 years of college, refinanced my house to
    pay for it, only worked as a nurse for one year yet they keep saying they
    need more nurses. Burnout rate for nursing is 2-3 years because by that
    time you find out about all the shady crap going on in healthcare. That’s
    when they push you out the door…. I only lasted 1 year, men don’t last
    as long in nursing…

  13. sionvsion says:

    Deindustrialization of America…