What is an Electrical Engineer?

Jemima Jackson a Graduate Electrical Engineer for Ampcontrol talks us through what a day at work is like. Jemima gives insight into the skills required to be…

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  1. Miranda Ward says:

    Is going to college to be a electric engineer hard?

  2. Justin Simmons says:

    I’m no authority for sure. But I went to an engineering school. The thing
    you want to watch out most for is math. Be very proficient in calculus and
    physics/chem. It’s not hard if you focus on schoolwork.

  3. Taner Howard says:

    It can be annoying but not hard. I have almost completed my senior year in
    electrical engineering. The thing that I hate hearing that I don’t agree
    with: engineering has a lot of math. Not so at the undergrad level. I’m now
    planning to go to physics grad school for a real challenge. One piece of
    advice: go for the hardest classes, you learn the most from them.

  4. NotZapple says:

    No, it’s not hard don’t worry about it. Just honestly study to understand
    all the material and if you do and you enjoy it you’re golden. Follow your

  5. gerald algunas says:

    nice information!

  6. Sorbik says:

    What is a graduate electrical engineer. Is this a Masters degree or

  7. Claude Rains says:

    Here in the states it’s a bachelors degree. You also have state
    requirements and testing for licensing if you start your own business. If
    you want you can get your masters or Phd if you want to teach in
    university. It’s a very focused science and many paths you can take. One
    reason it’s still taught as electrical theory.

  8. Dorian Coulon says:

    There is no woman in electrical engineering :/

  9. Mubarak Shamax says:

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  10. TheAsiaCentury says:

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  11. Claude Rains says:

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  12. wildhorseshadwell says:

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  13. tnt201377 says:

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  14. lolwut589 says:

    graduate is masters degree and above

  15. أبو أسامة الجزراوي says:

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  16. Nissi Ali Elijah says:

    God bless you I’m doing the same thing next year! I’m going to try get into
    university with my tech school marks tho

  17. kaziabir1 says:

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  18. Peptry says:

    If I want to work in a nuclear power plant, what is better? A nuclear
    physics engineer or an Electric engineer?

    Which one of them are better paid?

  19. Manchester Bluez says:

    What do the electrical engineers plan/design for the electricians to

  20. The Beatbox Champ says:

    Amazing! They found the only woman in our field. 

  21. steVen GERRAD says:

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  22. felipe santis says:

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  23. Alpha Mail Couriers says:

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  24. L2rsSwc says:

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  25. Kuda Mwakutuya says:

    Okay. Should I take Chem 2 or physics 2 c my senior year if I want to be a
    electrical engineer