Wera Giveaway, visiting TOOL MANIAC, Electrician

On Wednesday 10th June Vienna suffered a very serious and complex elbow injury in a trampoline accident. She spent a week in Bedford hospital where she underwent several surgeries trying to get a blood supply to her hand. This proved very difficult and she was transferred to Great Ormond Street where she underwent another emergency surgery. This again proved unsuccessful and they were unable to save her hand. This has resulted in her right hand being amputated.

Throughout all of this Vienna has remained so incredibly strong and brave. Her superstar spirit will not let this stop her from achieving her dreams.

Vienna’s family have received so many offers of help.They certainly do not expect gifts but there are some things that will enable Vienna to lead an independent life with one hand at home and at school.

Vienna is a smiley superstar 12 year old who is now facing a huge change in her life, we are hoping to raise enough to purchase a laptop and iPad .
We hope these will help Vienna adapt and make things easier for her new way of life. ❤️

A run through and breakdown of what’s inside and electricians tool bag,
This is my WeraTM2 go system brought from Tool Maniac,

Link for the bags, https://nbundyspark.krtra.com/t/fGzpUDbJ0wYf

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