UFO in Baltic Sea Cuts Off Divers’ Electrical Equipment

A UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea cuts of divers’ electrical equipment when they get within 200 meters of it, according to professional diver Stefan Hogerborn who is part of the Ocean…

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  1. Bun... says:

    damn it, I was going to say it looks like the millennium falcon! it does

  2. Voodoo Browne says:

    Looks Like The Millenium Falcon! Lol

  3. Keith Durant says:

    30 seconds in…you are wasting my time..a rock that looks like a movie
    model..I guess you think aliens would design a spaceship to look like an
    earth movie idea cause that is gonna be the best design…lmao

  4. Rakly3 says:

    How is that a UFO?! It’s at the bottom of the ocean!

  5. NewWaveMasquerade says:

    It’s either the Millennium Falcon or R’lyeh! Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl

  6. Guy Fawkes says:

    The skeptics haven’t considered how much a professional scavenging team has
    used or seen objects below, they’d know an irregular object when they see
    it. I truly appreciate the secrecy about the location so that no
    governments can remove it or tamper with it.

  7. JB Murdock says:

    This is old news, they found that rock to run their scam with back in 2011,
    …and it is a scam.

  8. Mountain Storm says:

    Maybe they just need to start a Patreon account. lmao

  9. Anthony Castelluci says:

    Paranormal is fun when it’s not used by hucksters. 

  10. drummerboy smith says:

    a diesel engine , requiring no spark plugs and therefore having no need for
    electricity once running, would not be affected by EMP or similar. So it is
    not a deal breaker, the fact that the boat kept running.

  11. optimumperformance says:

    Why is TheLipTV disabling comments on some videos? Example is the recent
    transgender video. The report is totally fictional and the drivers license
    ban in Russia is based on DIAGNOSED mental disorders and classified by the
    WHO. The same goes for the ban on the alternative lifestyle they mention.
    Total BS and is purely a law the restricts TEACHING alternative lifestyle
    to under 12 YO. I guess that upsets all the petafiles out there. 

  12. ricon2020 says:

    The “steps” look built into the ground. It’s all just a carved stone.

  13. ProjectDystopia says:

    E.T. & Boba Fett’s UFO crashes into the Baltic Sea…..so sad

  14. BrotherWoody1 says:

    Everybody who sends me a dollar, I’ll tell them what’s really in the sea
    there. I guarantee they won’t like it one little bit.
    P.S. Send your buck in c/o Mark Sovel. He swore he wouldn’t even mention me
    on the air. As a member of the press, he needs to keep my identity a secret
    for obvious reasons. All bucks should be mailed in an unsealed self
    addressed & stamped envelope within a sealed envelope addressed to LIP TV.
    You should receive your answer within 4-6 wks. depending on volume of
    response or you can call Ocean X now to schedule your trip in a submarine.
    That will cost you a lot more than a dollar up front. Stay Safe! This could
    be another CIA entrapment operation.

  15. gian franco says:

    maybe take some acceptable images of the object?….oh right! cameras will
    not work? here! take my money i’m an idiot

  16. artbytandy says:

    Unsubscribing to this shit channel, all they do now is cater to
    propagandists and conspiracy theorists with 0 fact checking. I gave you
    guys a chance.

  17. psiklops71 says:

    call James Cameron he has the killer equipment to find out what it is 

  18. Abortion is no big deal It's not Murder says:

    It’s a load shit, it’s nothing but a bunch of mushroom shaped rocks.

  19. RoserenSword says:

    that sounds really cool, UFO or not just to see the underwater world is an
    amazing in its own right.

  20. Albacorewing says:

    The Russians have used the Swedish armed forced for training purposes for
    decades. This is a Russian device, presumably.

  21. Wolfee Darkfang says:

    This obviously looks like a scam. No doubt the location is secret to avoid
    anyone going down there to discover that they built it themselves lol.

  22. Marty Mcfly says:

    This guy wouldn’t know if a Millennium Falcon was in his ass. He sets up
    the segment and then needs clarification from his boyfriend if that’s what
    people think it looks like. Helen Keller could do a lot better job rest her

  23. Dear Mum says:

    Listen to him as he slurs his words, finds it hard to put together a
    sentence and says *PROJECT* instead of *OBJECT*
    Classy stuff.

  24. Sean Romancito says:

    they would have had a better image if it werent for fox news bs so they
    have to have a sub its a bit more cheaper