Top Gear – Jeremy Clarkson’s sophisticated way of fixing his BMW Estate

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  1. Shobin Drogan says:

    im sure jeremy clarkson was born with a hammer

  2. Preston Porth says:

    Fix It Felix hammer lol

  3. 1stJetBlack says:

    The bigger the hammer, the smaller the problem. Just simple shatter your
    problem to pieces.

  4. camouflagecamaro99 says:

    oh god……

  5. nissanmicratango75 says:

    Jeremy : ‘What else is electrical in here?’ James & Richard : ‘Not the
    exhaust manifold!’

  6. iluvmypet says:

    Jeremy Found the hammer from Wreck It Ralph

  7. 1MrAlexStar1 says:

    thnx man, good for you)

  8. FunteX says:

    German junk ^^

  9. hekajee says:

    I would also add cable ties to that list

  10. SoundBreakZX says:

    e39 <3

  11. ULTIMA1660 says:

    i tried to fix mine too,but then I destroyed it

  12. the2014 says:

    what episode is this? 😀

  13. tr1ckydr1v3r says:

    I could imagine that he used one at an early point to attempt escape from
    the womb. Sadly like all Top Gear exploits… Ambitious, but rubbish!

  14. MrRexam46 says:

    james was born old

  15. JDBMW1 says:

    The funny ironic part is that the fuse box is under the air filter. LOL.

  16. aleks138 says:

    laugh all you want, but I had an a4 that would randomly die. I would hit
    the ecu and it would run for about a week until I had to do it again.

  17. Kristoffer Olsen says:

    probably a mechanical sensor that was slightly jammed. gently knocking the
    engine will sometimes solve issues like that – temporarily.

  18. Jaakko Soininen says:

    Works every time.

  19. Arun Cherian says:

    hammer! my man!

  20. Rothman Abdullah Noh says:

    When you and your friend say it on the same time (^_^) 0:11

  21. HowIMetFallOutBoy says:


  22. farfromgroovin says:

    That’s how I fixed my headlights on my Jeep :D

  23. Julian Wolf says:

    0:11 amazing! XDDDDDDDD

  24. Garrett Henry says:

    But… but…. that’s the intake manifold :(