Tips for RV Electrical System and Complete Manual for Stealth Off Grid Solar Power System

We Installed 280 Watt solar system on our Camper van and now we can work on the road and charge our computers.
In this video we are showing exact consumption of all possible electronic devices, so you can judge the size of system you would like to install.

Our choice was NDS solar system with include:
. Flexible panels 2 x 140 Watts
. Inverter 600W (at this point we would like to have 1000W)
. Charge controller (between solar panels and batteries.
. iManager (automatic controller between 2 batteries.
. 2 x 100Ah batteries.

Main tips:
. Use 12V charger for iPhone/iPad instead of inverter, as it saves you energy.
. 600W inverter consumes 0.7A for just being on Stand by.
. Install a switch for inverter in accessible stop.
. Dimmers for LED lights is a must to have!
. Choose of correct fridge is a big deal!
. Watch the video for other tips….

Link to the cable size table:!AgTfURLcFk-Vgoxx4NykhpO66n_s3g

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