The long-awaited Q and A – ELECTRICIANS QUESTIONS

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In this episode, I answer many of the questions My YouTube subscribers have asked within the community area.


Questions asked:

When can I come and work with you?

What advertising do you do?
How do you get the majority of your work do you use anything like check a trade or rated people?

Have you ever taken on a job in the past where you know your skill set was lacking, or the particular job/task was one not attempted before, but you didn’t want to say no or tell the customer you are not capable of said task? If so how did you tackle or overcome completing the tasks) when confidence and or knowledge wasn’t present?

Do you prefer a daily rate or price work, if daily how do you scale it down ie hourly, half day etc and best wholesaler?

What is the best way to get training/experience if you have financial commitments and can’t afford to be an apprentice?

Will there be a van racking video coming soon?

Could you explain the AM2 exam and the 2391 exam, please ??

Hey, when are you doing the Tradify video lol, been waiting for it lol

What tools do you need to go self-employed

Any future plans for the business? Do you want to expand or stay as you are?

Longer videos 👍

If you had one piece of advice for someone going it alone what would it be?

What’s the worse job you’ve ever done? And have you ever made any mistakes?

Van tour?

Will you do an EICR video pretty please

Do you have a single gay brother? ( Just asking for a friend )

Do you take people for work experience?

Hey so, apprenticeship how u get em

Why do factory RCD tails in consumer units come with so much conductor showing and hanging out of the terminal live and neutral, surely that is a live part that could be easily touched. You would never leave that much copper showing in the back of a socket or switch