The Future of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers describe how starting your career with Boeing allows you to succeed from day one.

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  1. Hijaby Mutant says:

    Boeing love

  2. TheAirlineSpotter11 says:

    Amazing… Truly Amazing!

  3. The American says:

    This is exactly what I want to do. Thank you Boeing for helping me decide
    on the career that I am going to achieve and hopefully I will one day work
    with this amazing company.

  4. H3Kalgoorlie says:

    Great vid again

  5. 2fbDJLL says:

    Wow! He helped build the B747! That’s AWESOME!

  6. Ashraf Shoukri says:

    respect for this diversity in people for the benefit of the people,,,,

  7. edd hernandez says:

    i want become a aeronautical engineer for Boeing

  8. fsxhelper1 says:

    That’s my dream job! Other then being a pilot. Nice work Boeing

  9. Wilford Lewis Mcgee says:

    ok, now make an awesome x-32..

  10. Engineer9736 says:

    Electrical Engineering? Most things I see in this video is ICT stuff.
    Laptops/monitors/UTP cables/switches/etc.

  11. Jerry Tan says:

    Have i just found my dream job? :D

  12. THUY TRANG says:

    I want to become an Electrical Engineering for Boeing Company.

  13. Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says:

    the future of electrical engineering castel