The big debate: mechanical or electrical engineering?

Which opens up more career options: mechanical or electrical engineering? Which gives you more practical knowledge and better job opportunities? 2 IIT studen…

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  1. GAURAV says:

    where ‘s the next part ?? kindly upload it

  2. kaushik illa says:

    Why do electrical engineering and then policy research except surprises me

  3. Shavinder Singh says:

    Feeling proud to see nikhil keep it up dear!!

  4. savin lamichhane says:

    electrical engineering is best

  5. jazzy24ism says:

    Mechanical engineering is a block that can fit in any field easily…

  6. Kumar babu says:

    Don’t talk rubbish,
    As an Engineer you should have the passion and innovation to create new
    things ,
    Getting a job and earning millions of money is the stupid thing to talk
    especially as an IIT , If your passion is to earn money then get out of the
    College and do some business, Engineer should never think of money, he
    should work hard to create new technology which ultimately serves the
    purpose of becoming an Engineer.

  7. AirForceA7x says:

    Computer Engineer and Applied Physics :P