Switch types – Types of Switches – Types of Electrical Switches

Types of Switches

There are mainly two types of switches.

1. Mechanical Switch,
2. Electrical Switch.

Mechanical switches require physical or manual contact with switch for operation. Electrical switches not require physical or manual contact, it has ability to perform operation. Electrical switches operate under the action of semiconductors.

Mechanical switches further classify into different types of switches based on number of poles and throws. There are five types.

1. Single Pole Single Throw, (SPST).
2. Single Pole Double Throw, (SPDT).
3. Double Pole Single Throw, (DPST).
4. Double Pole Double Throw, (DPDT).
5. Intermediate Switch.

Mechanical Switches can also be categories on the basis of holding the current state. There are two types.

Latch Switch, and Momentary Switch.

The latch switch holds its state whether ON or OFF until the new commands initiated this switch
And Momentary switch holds the state only when the specific command is presented only. Latch Switch and Momentary Switch are 8 types.

1. Push Button Switch.
2. Limit Switch.
3. Pressure Switch.
4. Float Switch.
5. Temperature Switch.
6. Toggle Switch.
7. Rotary Switch.
8. Joystick Switch.

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