Super Low Electrical Energy Meter || DIY or Buy || Is measuring µA/nA possible the DIY way?

In this episode of DIY or Buy we will be having a closer look at the Otii Arc product. It is a tool that can basically measure µA/nA and therefore calculate the used energy of a low power device. Since such a tool is super handy to have around, I will also try to create my own crude low energy meter in this video. Let’s find out whether a Teensy microcontroller and an Op-Amp circuit is capable of measuring µA/nA! Let’s get started!

Websites which were shown/used in the video:

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

0:00 Introduction (Why I need to measure µA/nA)
1:45 Presenting the Buy option (Otii Arc)
2:53 Intro
3:12 Testing the Otii Arc
7:01 Coming up with a DIY solution
8:44 Building the DIY circuit
11:12 Conclusion