Still on the tools – Is Clive the UK's oldest electrician?

We get a sneak peek into Clive’s toolbox and van to see the electricians tools he made himself. Open up Clive’s electrical apprentice notes and discuss if he should invest in a new van.

We round up with a visit to his latest project – A major electrical installation in a farm building.

How the apprenticeship for skilled trades has changed over the years.

Clive’s business Electrodell is still trading – serving a wide range of electrical projects around Great Staughton – Cambridgeshire.

00:00 Meet electrician Clive O’Dell.
01:20 Apprenticeship with Eastern Electricity Board.
03:00 Making his own electricians tools
04:40 Going out as a self-employed electrician at 22
05:53 Is Clive the UK’s oldest self-employed electrician?
06:32 Clive’s view on smart home technology.
07:20 New van
08:20 Farm barn project tour
12:20 Electricians’ comments


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