Solar Electrical Experiments

5 random experiments with solar electric energy, ranging from charging smartphones and making hydrogen powered bottle rockets, to sparking plasma arcs and ev…

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  1. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    Good morning everyone! What part of the world are you all watching from?
    I apologize to my friends in the UK .. this probably isn’t something
    you’ll be able to try! Give me a like if I’m right about that??! :D

  2. Dante Smith says:

    “free of charge” I see what you did there! haha

  3. Scroll's Adventures says:

    I would love to win one of these panels. I could do some really neat stuff
    with that.

    I’ve got a suggestion for a project you might like. A hydrogen cutting
    torch. I’ve tried making one a few times with limited success, and no
    explosions so far. I feel like it could be something right up your ally.

  4. Squidward Tentacles says:

    I am watching this on the moon on my iPad 57CC with a body heat powered

  5. Browney says:

    Awesome video man, this is so much more interesting than a lot of stuff on
    school, i really enjoy your channel. Thanks!! :D

  6. Rasmus Berg says:

    I would love to get a pair of solar panels, but there is no sun in Denmark

  7. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    I would love an analysis on the full cost of all equipment and how long it
    would take to pay off in comparison a typical KWH charge based on ten hours
    of direct light per day. My guess is the breakeven point is around
    twenty-years. I love solar systems but I want to understand the full
    outlay first to be realistic. 

  8. Maxwell Goodacre says:

    +Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” Nothing is free. How much money,
    resources, time, and energy did it cost to build the solar panel? Including
    mining and transportation. Ho long would you have to continuously run the
    hydrogen generator to offset the costs involved with the creation of the
    solar panel? I prefer microbial power cells.

  9. Oliver Lavelle says:

    Electricity in this case is certainly NOT free. I’m not sure how much those
    solar panels cost, probably a few hundred dollars. Maybe even a few
    thousand ! I’m not sure. But it’ll be a while before you make thay money
    back from the power output 

  10. Zed orda says:

    Your surprised that a nuclear power source is powerful? Study Tesla alittle
    you can learn something about wireless power and then you might do
    something actually interesting with solar power that will interest more
    than the utterly stupid.

  11. Shehryar Ahmed says:

    If I connect a solar panel directly to the inverter ii will definitely get
    the power
    But how can I charge a battery of about 200 amperes directly from the power
    of that inverter
    This battery has also two wires positive and negative with a couple of
    clips along thier ends
    Shere I will need to clip those clips for charging purpose
    Actually I want to use it as a bacjup purpose because in my country the
    power gets shutdown for 7 hours a day on regular basis
    Will be very thankful if someone tell me the way of charging such type of
    It’s AGS 200 AMPERE BATTERY (a truck battery )

  12. Marcus Björn Rydström says:

    Put 10 of them on your roof :D

  13. theidiotcure says:

    H2O split is 2 moles of hydrogen and 1 mole O where are you getting these
    formulas… lmao “The fuel is made by electrically splitting water into
    hydrogen and oxygen gasses (2H20 = 2H2 + O2)” what does the 2 stand for and
    the H20? And how did you come up with 2H2O when I thought it was widely
    known H2O is water. I’m only making fun of you by the way cause you never
    gave me the large gummy bear. Or was it the email I sent?

  14. ElectricPyroclast says:

    Of all times to play with a solar panel… November…

  15. Xovius says:

    Does that really surprise you considering the heat generated by your tv
    screen solar magnifier?

  16. Benjamin Lyon says:

    Okay fine I will play the Debbie Downer today. This is not a good fuel for
    cars. Links below for a better explanation than I could give in a comments

  17. electronicsNmore says:

    Use some Kanthal or Nichrome resistive wire so it does not melt and you can
    use it over and over for starting fires. :-)

  18. Jacob Johnston says:

    99 people also work for electrical companies.

  19. Streety101101 says:

    yo, teach us how to make an EMP generator

  20. P〈Ç〉r@zy says:

    Absolutely free of charge, you just have to drag a 2x1m (6×3 ft) , big
    solar panel with you everywhere…

  21. Ravi Kallianpur says:

    Please, not too much time on commercials in the videos themselves.

  22. The Tech Mate says:

    Hey can u please show us how to make a cheap mini H generator for pumping
    balloons so they behave like helium ones because He is very expensive. I
    know H is very flammable but hey we know how to handle it.

  23. seawo0lf says:

    disappointingly I think I missed the contest, I hate missing videos on my

  24. Samuel Ling says:

    well you cannot bring that solar panel around in the zombie apocalypse

  25. Ciroluiro says:

    What if you combine the solar panels with the solar death ray? Probably not
    with the light focused on a single point, but with the light focused to
    some degree