Single phase and Three phase complete explanation in Urdu | Electric Transmission and Distribution

There are two kinds of supplies 3 phase ac supply and single phase ac supply and also classified in their categories like single phase and three phase energy meter single phase and three phase transformer single phase and three phase induction motor single phase and three phase power single phase vs three phase generator.

In three phase system there are two categories three phase 3 wire system and three phase 4 wire system and with respect to connection star and delta connection in 3 phase system or star delta three phase connection.

In single phase and three phase system of electricity transmission and distribution of electrical power I explained some major components like electricity poles wires combinations and all others 3 phase and single phase differences.

So if you want to learn all basic electrical engineering concepts like single phase and three phase explained in Hindi language what is single phase and three phase in Urdu what is single phase and three phase in Hindi and 3 phase and single phase difference in Hindi
language kindly watch this complete video and share it to your friends.

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