RV Walk-Thru: Electrical – Learn how the electrical system works on your RV.

Tim gives you a basic understanding of the electrical system in your RV. He walks you through the basics of AC and DC power, shore power plugs, extension cor…

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  1. Jeremy Van Wert says:

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Thank you

  2. ELMATRACA69 says:

    I own a Motor home Class C. 30 AMP cord connection. Never or less in the
    Electric Box inside the motor home it is a sign “45 AMP”.
    If the Connection / cable / Plug is 30 AMP, Why the electric box inside
    have a 45 AMP sign?
    Another question: Where I can connect / have a 30 AMP circuit inside the
    Motor home to connect one Appliance that required 110 Volts / 30 AMP ?
    Do I need to install a sub-panel?
    No even one video in YouTube about installing a Sub-panel inside any RV.
    Thanks and if anybody can help me, PLEASE I will appreciated.

  3. MrFulenwider says:

    Well Done

  4. Michael Norris says:

    Great Presentation

  5. Ace Burns says:

    Your a lifesaver. Thanks

  6. Tyler Cain says:

    Very helpful! THANK YOU!

  7. Rick Rector says:

    i HAVE been looking for electric info. Even taking to R V pros and paying
    out the—-. This subject about R V electric s not easy to find even asking
    the factory. Thank you. R D R

  8. Betsy Cotton says:

    That was very helpful. Thank you.

  9. magprob says:

    This is awesome, Thank you.

  10. Margaret P. Clarke says:

    Absolutely Excellent, great format, breakdown and explanation ….I needed
    it. If I have a Class A that uses a 30 amp and I have an a 30 Amp put at
    the house…but its on the other end of the house which causes me to use
    50+ feet of 30 amp extension cord what will that do if anything?

  11. ricardo montalban says:

    in a campervan, 30a service, its grounded thru the plug but does it need
    to be grounded to the van frame too?

  12. Flip111000 says:

    Great informal video !

  13. sailingsolar says:

    Excellent video with a lot of good information for the uninitiated.
    Except for him saying this about a GFI or GFCI @ 11:10,, “they are just a
    super sensitive circuit breaker”. Not even close. They are
    completely different electrical devices, used for different reasons
    or purposes. The only thing they have in common is they interrupt power
    when they are supposed to. They have different jobs and do it
    differently. Circuit breakers protect wires from carrying to much
    amperage. GFI,GFCI’s protect people from electrical shock or electrocution.

  14. Larry Perkins says:

    I have an old camper trailer I have 100 amps at the pole and the inside
    breaker box is 25 amp do I need to reduce this down somehow what should I
    check for

  15. Mike Thompson's RV Super Stores says:

    Learn how the electrical system works on your RV http://youtu.be/7DpIzugALqc

  16. ramon arrazcaeta says:

    great video thank you.