Requested Video – Construction Management or Electrical Engineering

A requested video where Aaron addresses a young man’s concern about majoring in construction management or specializing in being an electrician and moving on…

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  1. AaronClarey says:
  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Engineering: Learn chinese or hindi and get a tan, to blend in.

  3. Moe MGTOW says:

    The other problem is most HRMs think all management/ business degrees are
    the same. I have seen some strange shit, which I thought would be
    Recently, I was rejected for a position in manufacturing management. One of
    the women conducting the interview had a marketing degree, and zero
    relevant experience for her job in manufacturing management. People would
    think a company building satellites would have its shit together, nope.

    That is not a one time thing either. I have seen little girls with liberal
    arts degrees in entry level management jobs in other companies. Management
    is shitty field to study, especially if you are not well connected. Lots of
    men with management degrees being passed over for women with shit degrees.
    The government and feminists want more women in management, regardless of
    merit. I think management will be somewhat of a dead end career field for
    men in the future.

    I should have earned a industrial engineering or computer engineering
    degree. Kinda hard for unqualified idiots to take those jobs due to lower

  4. gavloft says:

    I design power stations and project manage. The human family depends on
    electricity for a vast array of day to day activities such as toasting

  5. matthenard says:

    Spot on Aaron. Coming from a Project Manager with a BS in Construction

  6. Stoic Moose says:

    My brother just graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Before
    he even graduated, he already had three job offers and now he starts a job
    starting at 65k in two weeks.

  7. Clay ton says:

    Miss the videos where you’d sit back, smoke a cigar and have a drink while

  8. afds258 says:

    I’m approaching my last year in Electrical Engineering and you seem to talk
    mostly about the trade. There are two main paths in Electrical Engineering
    – electronics and the stuff that are closer to the trades job, though you
    are in a higher position – designing large physical systems .
    The electronics aspect is more of high-tech based jobs, where you study
    stuff like image processing, communication (radio, satellites, wifi..),
    programming micro-chips and so on.
    Both are not that easy and will give you hell if you don’t somewhat enjoy
    it or have a good head for those stuffs.

  9. Matt Jensen says:

    The echo really makes your video sound cleaner. The acoustics in your
    Uncle’s barn seem a lot better than your Mother’s basement.

  10. hoyt grooms says:

    You just became my favorite person on youtube!

  11. The Doctor Mayhem Fun Time Hour says:

    Heh, the one time where Cappy Cap tells a man to follow his heart…

    “If you’re into sheet rock, working outdoors, and construction, then get
    Construction Management, otherwise…”

    He’ll only tell you that if your heart wants something that makes money.

  12. Massinissa Bandou says:

    Electrical engineering is totally different from electrician! not related
    at all