Repairing A Broken Electrical Cord

I am NOT and electrician..This is just how I do it..please..if you have electrical the advice of a professional.

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  1. Willows Garden says:

    Yah Bev, you go girl, lol, hugs to you!!

  2. Wing Walker says:

    Very nice video. I have had to do some splicing on my cars electrical
    window. Well done. 

  3. Ken Williamson says:

    Whats next Bev are you going to show us how to replace a broken belt with a
    pair of hose? lol You really can do this as a temporary fix to get you to a
    station. You did great on this video by the way. I’m sure someone out there
    really didn’t know how to do this.

  4. InvalidMemberAccount says:

    Usually, there is a ribbed insulation on one of those wires. Those wires
    should be put back together and not the ribbed and un-ribbed together.
    Usually the plugs are polarized, which means the the hot to ground wire is
    less exposed in the appliance.
    Also the twisted bare wires should be soldered to prevent them from being
    able to be pulled apart. Also, again, heat shrinkable tubing makes a much
    nicer/neater job.

  5. Dallas_Red says:

    Nice job and well explained to us not always having the knowledge that you
    retain. TY for the demo, never know when this might come in handy.

  6. cheryl blue says:

    i have a splice job i need to go redo… i think i’ve got cheap tape
    though… will be checking… thanks for the info… i love learning

  7. KindaKrafty says:

    Wonderful tip on “How You do it”…!! hee hee…Thanks for sharing..!

  8. bebebutterfield1 says:

    Good video Bev! We could eliminate so much trash by making simple repairs.
    I think now days people tend to toss out things and buy a new one when a
    simple repair would work.

  9. lansingstlady says:

    OH!!! (claps hands) I would love to see you rewire a lamp! I’ve got a lamp
    that needs it. LOL

  10. sha whit says:

    Great ‘how you do it’ video. Thanks so much.

  11. kathy jo tourtois says:

    i saw my girl friend do this many years ago to make my vacuum cleaner cord
    longer. she cut a cord from an old unrepairable one and spliced it to my
    other one. it was nice not to keep unplugging it room to room. but i didn’t
    pay much mind to how she did it. now i know . this will come in handy
    someday for us that never knew how. u need to do more of this easier guy
    stuff that us woman don’t know how to do . this way we can just do it and
    not have to keep bugging our husbands that our too tired or lazy to do it.
    hope your pain is tolerable today thats all we can hope for . it sucks we
    are stuck with it , but i would rather have a tolerable day than a hardly
    do nothing day. sending you good vibes and god bless you and howie for all
    you teach us fans. hugs

  12. Susan Rogers says:

    Great Job, that’s exactly how I do it!

  13. MaruAdventurer says:

    Good technique. When I don’t care about looks I use mechanical crimp
    sllices then wrap the whole affair in eltape. If I think there is going to
    be any strain I whip out the soldering iron and do it that way.

  14. Penny Swaney says:

    Good job…..

  15. Liangelus says:

    Good job, I just wish we were allowed to do that here in Australia. We are
    absolutely not allowed to do ANY kind of electrical type work or plumbing
    work unless we are qualifies electricians which for the most part I agree
    with but when it comes to stuff like this, I can’t see what the big problem
    is. Thanks for a great educational but safe vid Bev. Hugs, Li xx

  16. 764marion says:

    very good! I love to see some Handy Women!!!

  17. Jayne Carey says:

    Jack of all trades….. You never sense to amaze me :)

  18. Lyn Llinse says:

    your dad taught you well – looks just great. A hint when you buy an
    extension cord for your vehicle wrap black electrical tape in a couple of
    visible spots on the cord and your cord will not be the one stolen in a
    parking lot. I lived in the NWT where it gets -40and this was the only way
    I could ensure my vehicle would start.

  19. Teri Ruiz says:

    Aye, now there’s a Renaissance girl if I ever saw one! As far as the cord
    having a little bulge…well don’t we ALL have a little bulge these days,
    lol? Your papa would be proud of you girl! Now hurry outside to tell Howie
    where to put the turkey pen!

  20. Paul F says:

    Safety Sally electrician here, I have to agree with Thomas T… those
    splices should have either wire nuts or compression splice connectors on
    the conductors… or solder the conductors before applying the electrical
    tape. Better yet, replace the cord completely. Check the cord during use
    and see if the splices get warm. If they do – your connection is acting
    like a resistor and can eventually cause a fire.

  21. Michael Anderson says:

    Check out my new video on how to (Home Made Chicken Noodle)

  22. Theresa Hopkings says:

    I have a aquarium heater that I guess my bunnies chewed up last year when
    it was in storage and they got loose, I didn’t notice and plugged it in a
    few months ago, well I went to move the cords around yesterday and got the
    snot shocked out of me! I had to splice it in 4 different spots to fix it
    but let me tell you so SO much cheaper than buying a new one. Many people
    would recommend you just replace the entire cord with a new one which is
    what I usually do for like a lamp or something but the aquarium heater’s
    cord is rubber sealed where it connects and I’m afraid i’ll damage the seal
    and electrocute my alligator when I turn it back on so this was the only
    way to do it without spending $40 on a new heater. You are correct though
    if your house catches fire and the fire marshal finds that big no-no.

  23. H E Baer says:

    Great info!! I actually enjoy finding old lamps and repairing them. Great

  24. Gardeninggirl1107 says:

    So that’s how it’s done! Very nice :)

  25. nrainfidelforlife says:

    Now I’ve seen it all. You rock!