Physics Vs Electrical Engineering: How to Pick the Right Major

Physics majors will see more math in their curriculum, while electrical engineers do more labs and learn more equipment.

Typically engineers will have higher pay and job opportunities than science majors. However, that shouldn’t cause students to not pursue a degree in physics. Physics majors have a wide range of careers from engineering jobs to research jobs to programming jobs. Just make sure you plan ahead for what you want to do in your career, and cater your 4 years in college to that future success.

Physics majors have multiple concentrations that aren’t discussed in this video but just know their curriculum can go many different ways and you should do more research on those topics.

If high level math and physics does interest you BUT you still want to go into electrical engineering. I recommend you concentrate in RF or optics because in those concentrations you learn MORE physics concepts but apply them to engineering principles.


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