NYCFireAudio – FDNY Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 2868 Audio – Major Electrical Emergency – 7/9/18

Primary wires on fire with extension to:
764 57th St. – 3 story MD
775 57th St. – 3 story 25×50 mixed occupancy
5622 8th Ave. – 3 story 25×50 mixed occupancy
5624 8th Ave. – 3 story 25×50 mixed occupancy

E-201: Transmit the box, we have high power lines down and arcing. – 14:31

B-40: We have wires on fire that ignited a car, we need a forthwith respond from Con Ed. – 14:39

B-40: We are requesting a 2nd Alarm. – We have numerous wires burning in the area starting car fires in the street, we now have a structural fire at 764 57th St. 1 L/S. – 14:42

L-109 FAST, B-33 RUL, B-41 Safety

B-40: We need a forthwith respond by Con Ed, we have a block length of burning wires dropping down on the street in front of the fire building, relay to them that the wires are falling over the members stretching lines. – 14:45

B-40: 2 L/S/O, fire is in the basement & first floor running up to the 3rd floor. DWH – 14:49

D-8: We had fire in the basement, first & 3rd floors of 764 57th St. fire has been K/D, primaries are negative. we still have multiple poles & wires on fire. DWH – 15:00

D-8: We now have an additional fire at 5618 8th Ave. – Heavy fire first & 2nd floors. – 15:01

D-8: Make this a 3rd Alarm. – 15:04

Staging: 8th Ave. at 60th St.

FC: Per C-7, 7 L/S, 5 L/O. MBFKD, Con Ed is on scene. DWH – 15:22

FC: Assign another BC. (B-32 is delayed, no lights & sirens). – 15:35

FC: Primaries are nagative in 764 57 St. & in 5622 & 5624 8th Ave. DWH – 15:37

FC: Per D-8, Searches in all buildings are negative. PWH – 15:44

FC: Special call a new FAST truck to relieve the FAST truck. (TL-131) – 15:57

D-8: Con Ed has shot power on 57th St. FDNY operations concluded. Under Control.

Duration: 2 hours & 40 min.

E-201, 247, 282, 241
L-114, 148, 109F
B-40, 48

2nd Alarm Maybe:
E-228, 242, 250, 330
L-149, 172
B-42, 33R, 41S
E-284 w/ Sat. 3

3rd Alarm:
E-240, 243, 239, 253
L-147, 168, 131F s/c
B-32, 43 s/c, 58 Air Recon
E-246 Communications
Car-8, 7, 22C, 12B, 23

Some Relocations:
E-155 to E-242
E-245 to E-247
E-227 to E-239
E-224 to E-240
E-285 to E-243
E-332 to E-253
E-309 to E-250
E-280 to E-228
E-310 to E-246
E-214 to E-310
L-102 to L-109
L-123 to L-168
H&L-143 to L-148
H&L-104 to H&L-147
TL-119 to TL-131
B-44 to B-48
B-35 to B-42
B-2 to B-57

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