My Van Electrical is DIALED! Insulation….not so much // Singletrack Sampler Van Build

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So, I know that you all have already seen the final result of this in Seth’s video, but I still want to both document the experience as well as go into some further detail of what all was going on behind the final product. There has been a ton of learning, failures, triumphs, and hard work that has gone into getting us where we are now, and we’re only just getting started!!

In this video we learn our hardest lesson thus far: insulation. Believe it or not insulation is THE HOTTEST DISCUSSION topic on the internet when it comes to van builds, which means getting a decisive answer on anything is impossible. It was for this reason that we initially began with fiber glass batting, however, once we began getting feedback from both you all and some trusted friends, we realized that even though there wasn’t definitive evidence of the outcome, it wasn’t worth the risk. I now have Thinsulate on order and will be completing the rest of the insulating with that.

The electrical, on the other hand was an absolute breeze thanks to Seth. A lot of people have been curious about how he knows so much about this, and it sure makes sense once you learn that he was a automotive electrician in a past life. He put his skills to work building what is now a wonderfully organized and beefy power station.

As always, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and I’m SUPER STOKED to be heading out tomorrow for Moab where I will have the pleasure of meeting a handful of you in person!

I honestly can’t wait as I have obvious not been getting out to ride much, so this will be a very welcome escape 😀