Moorway South Part 8 – Electrical & Soldering

The seventh part of a series showing the construction of a permanent model railway in the spare room. Part 8 – Electrical & Soldering. An update on the point…

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  1. mark kroll says:

    Nice video!

  2. PeakeyFortySix says:

    Very good mate! Cheers, Jack

  3. Rob McCrain says:

    Excellent wiring and soldering video. bI still do not own one of those
    strippers like you have. I did get one with a graduated cutter, so that
    you can put the wire in the right slot and cleanly cut the shield without
    cutting the wire itself. It works quite well except on really short
    wires. That is when I wish I had one like yours. Rob

  4. suzuki750stu says:

    Very informative video, cheers Stu @ Lime Junction 

  5. dexterdog62 says:

    Excellent! Very concise and informative!

  6. Ashley Dowdeswell says:

    Excellent series of videos, just bought the wire strippers for £8