MINIVAN Build E-19 || Side Cabinets, New Electrical Supplies, Running Wire & Sleeping in the Snow

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My name is Joseph and I’ve been living full time in my minivan since late September 2019. Moving into a vehicle was a necessary change and adaptation which I needed to make. I was working though a difficult stage in my life and I felt like this would give me the break I needed to sort things out and rebuild. Along with this decision came an opportunity and new perspective on life, not to mention a real love and appreciation of nomadic living and living with less. So far it’s been quite a trip and I enjoy waking up each day feeling a bit more relaxed and strengthened from it.

I’m based out of British Columbia, Canada. I work primarily in the yoga industry, however my small business does branch into teaching yoga, outdoor education, project management, consulting and some hands on projects. Currently most of my work is undergoing a facelift as readjustments from the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a change. Work aside I love to get out into nature to explore wild places and often bring back wild food and medicines. I love foraging for plants & mushrooms, and of course hunting & fishing. I’m also keenly interested in self development, coaching and counselling, cooking and process foods, problem solving, exploring, building, learning, healing, teaching, and most of all, being a Dad. My goal here, is to share and build the journey with all of you and hopefully foster inspiration and elicit a positive change in the world.

The world is my playground, my school, my mother and certainly not mine.

Gratitude and much love