Lorenzetti Electric Shower Head

These shower heads from Lorenzetti and other brands generally have a bad reptuation due to the terrible wiring found around the world. The most common issue is people not earthing the shower head. Sometimes out of laziness and sometimes because the property simply doesn’t have any grounding bar.

Even here in the Philippines, many properties don’t have any grounded sockets. Fortunately my AC socket is grounded and I was able to use one that for this demonstation.

In this video I’m using the Lorenzetti Maxi 3T which is labelled as a 3200W Maxi Ducha.

Inside you’ll find a diaphram which is pushed up when water flows into the unit, causing contacts to close and the heating elements to be powered.

If you fail to ground the shower head, you’ll likely feel a tingling sensation and perhaps some small sharp shocks. Due to the low conductivity of tap water and the water being turned into droplets, you’re unlikely to suffer any major shock from the water itself. Ultimately you should always ensure the unit is grounded and passing through an RCD/GFCI to protect yourself from shocks.

I was able to measure around 3500W on the high setting and 2300W on the low setting.

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