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Joining electrical power cables can be as simple as twisting the wires and taping them or more detailed using a variety of inline adapters and connectors. The method used for a particular joint depends on the voltage, type of cable, type of joint, type of connector, application and other factors.

Regardless of the method used, it is important to have the proper tools and materials. Some of the key factors that ensure clean, safe and reliable connections are;

Using the proper size of the connector for the particular cable
Proper tools
Clean cuts and stripping
Restoring the insulation, armor and outer-sheath
Proper technique

Typical electrical cable jointing methods
Western union splice joint
This is a straight joint used for small solid cables

Remove the insulation

Bring the two conductors to a crossed position and then make a long bend or twist in each wire.

Wrap the end of one of the wires around the straight portion of the other wire, and then do the same for the other wire. Repeat this for about four or five times.

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