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  1. Mart McMarty says:

    Thank you Mr Electrolux. I was just about to install my new electric stove
    when I was strangely drawn to look at a few you tube movies. And there you
    were! Thanx again for reminding me to turn the power OFF when doing
    electrical repairs.

  2. J Electrolux says:

    You are most welcome sir!

  3. Mart McMarty says:

    Mr Electrolux would you ever consider making another electrical safety
    movie this time addressing the installation of breaker boxes while standing
    in a pool of water?

  4. J Electrolux says:

    Interesting! Should I deem the practice as unsafe I would indeed make such
    a movie. Let me do some research first.

  5. Mario Johns says:

    Hey Electrolux! I don’t know who you think you are and quite frankly I
    don’t care, but I’ll handle electricity any dam way I feel like and not you
    or any one else is going to tell me how I should or should not do my home
    repairs! That my friend is how I rule!

  6. J Electrolux says:

    Of course Mr. Johns. I’m a firm believer in freedom of choice. My intention
    in posting this video was in the interest of public safety and nothing
    more. Electricity at times can be dangerous so it is best to handle it with
    respect. I’ve absorbed more Volts than I care to admit and if I can save
    someone else the pain so much the better.

  7. Mario Johns says:

    Up yours Electrolux!

  8. J Electrolux says:
  9. Mart McMarty says:

    Mr Electrolux, recently I was changing some wires attached to my hot water
    tank. Now, the wires were live but I WAS standing in a pool of water. I was
    under the impression that water could insulate the human body from the
    effects of electrical power. I’m ok now, and finally home too, but it was
    touch and go there for a while. I think next time I’ll check for more
    electrical safety movies.

  10. J Electrolux says:

    Holy smokes! You learn something new everyday. I’m very thankful you’re
    okay Mr. McMarty. I guess it really is true what they say about electricity.

  11. Mart McMarty says:

    Mr. Electrolux, I know now that standing in water while working with live
    electrical wires is dangerous but is it okay to work on un-live wires while
    standing in a pool of water? Let say if the temperature was very hot out?

  12. J Electrolux says:


  13. Mart McMarty says:

    Hello again Mr. Electrolux. I can’t seem to get it straight. “Standing in
    water while touching live electrical wires, safe or unsafe?” Is there a
    jingle that you might suggest to keep me from putting myself in harms way?
    The labelling system doesn’t work for me. (The labels fall off) 

  14. Mario Johns says:

    Whoa! You guys are moving way too
    fast for me. I’m really confused. It’s going
    to take me a while to catch up, but I’m still trying.

    Mart McMarty seems like a pretty smart guy
    and gets this electrical safety stuff a lot better
    than I do. He definitely is not like those moreons
    on other websites. I just think he doesn’t want to

    It might be philosopical of me but my
    question, “J.” Electrolux, is that Mart Macmarty shouldn’t
    be afraid of dying by electricity. Don’t all the great
    religions of the world say exactly the same thing?
    They say, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

    By the way, I put the J. in question marks because
    it might not really be your real initial.

  15. Mario Johns says:

    “On” means on, “Off” means off. I get that part.
    I see it on some “appliances”. How can I tell
    when the switch is on, or off for that matter?

  16. zarcon zarconinni says:

    Thank you Mr. Electrolux for keeping us safe!

  17. Michael Kivell says:

    Mr. Electrolux…what is the worst thing that could happen if you attempt
    to make an electrical repair with the power on? I find I’m getting
    forgetful in my old age and after watching this video I fear that one day
    this may slip my mind. I havent turned any appliances on in months due to
    this irrational fear I’ve developed after watching this…. Damn you J