Installing Spal Electrical Fan – S52 E30 Sedan: Part 7

Quick recap of the task:
– Use the High speed fan wiring / Relay
– Fan wiring on body, BRN wire is ground, GRN/BLK is high speed
– Adapt your Spal fan wiring to your stock wire plug
– Use temp switch 6131136427282 which is 82 degree 2 prong
– Temp switch wiring, use GRN/BLK and BRN/BLK
– (BLK wire is for normal speed)

As always, remember that we are nor trained mechanics so take everything we say and show in our videos with a grain of salt…its intended to be used for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research and make sure you understand what you are doing before starting any modifications. If you do not feel comfortable with a task, seek help from a trained professional.

Parts used in this video:
– SPAL 16″ High Performance Fan – Push, Curved
– Auxiliary Fan Switch 82 Degrees – 6131136427282

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