Installing an extractor fan and some electrical testing

The toilet has been installed under the stairs and so I was able to connect up the last of my electrical circuits.

In this video, you will see me core a 4inch hole for the new toilet and install an extractor fan. I also carry out my last few electrical tests.

On a separate note, I would like to add a few paragraphs from ‘The electricity at Work Regulations 1898’. I would recommend everyone read this before attempting any live work within a consumer unit!

“No person shall be engaged in any work activity on or so near any live conductor (other than one suitably covered with an insulating material so as to prevent danger) that danger may arise unless –

(a) it is unreasonable in all the circumstances for it to be dead; and

(b) it is reasonable in all the circumstances for him to be at work on or near it while it is live; and

(c) suitable precautions (including where necessary the provision of suitable protective equipment) are taken to prevent injury.

200 The defence (regulation 29) is available in any proceedings for an offence under this regulation.

201 Regulation 14 addresses the situation where, either permanently or temporarily, danger from conductors is not prevented by the precautions specified in regulation 7(a).

202 The regulation is concerned only with those situations where people are at work on or near live electrical conductors which may foreseeably give rise to danger. Such work is permitted only if conditions (a), (b) and (c) are satisfied. ‘Work’ is not confined to electrical work but includes any work activity, eg electrical testing.”