Installing an Electrical Outlet in new construction

This video covers the steps required to install a new electrical outlet, although this is not new construction, the outlet is being installed in an open wall…

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  1. David Maxwell says:

    Aren’t you supposed to leave those tabs in? I thought they were supposed
    to clamp down on the wire and keep it from pulling out of the box.

  2. Mustang Stanley says:

    You need to cut back the jacket at least to a quarter inch from where the
    wire enters the box and tape your outlets and you’ll be pro

  3. Mustang Stanley says:

    In commercial your not allowed to feed through the outlet like that you
    have to pigtail honestly I’m not sure if you can do that in residential
    either but idk I don’t do res

  4. Mustang Stanley says:

    Sounds like you know a little bit though good to see people doing stuff for
    themselves though 

  5. Yvonne Menjares says:

    Why 20a plugs..use 15a..not a commercial building. .plus u need at least
    6″of wire in much sheathing dude

  6. Yvonne Menjares says:

    Also wrap ur wires around screws …that stab in shit dont fly in san

  7. Yvonne Menjares says:

    Twist ur grounds together. .wheres my green wire nut

  8. tree chipper says:

    To be honest, this guy shouldn’t even be doing this so called
    “electrical”, he has not a clue of what he is doing. There are multiple,
    things I’d like to point out.
    1. The wire. If he’s using, 12-2 wire, that’s entirely fine, but your only
    stripping, 3 inches of, outer sheathing. You need to have stripped atleast
    6-8 inches.
    2. The box. Your not supposed to take the blue tabs, in the back
    completely, out. They’re there to hold the wire.
    3. The ground. Your never supposed to double tap, any wire, no MATTER WHAT.
    4. The push in connections. I don’t care if you say, you use the new push
    in connections, new use them, they suck.

  9. The Reynolds says:

    There is not too much sheathing. The code says at least 6 inches of free
    cable from the back of the box and not LESS than 1/4″ of sheathing. Also,
    the tabs in a single gang plastic box come all the way off. They aren’t
    clamps. The cable should be stapled within 8″ of the box and no more than
    every 4.5 ft afterward. The only real problem I have is how the grounds are
    under the same screw at the first device. Pigtails should be used there. 

  10. lord wahl says:

    I’m a licensed electrician. I do not recommend this video.

  11. mlwilmot says:

    You don’t bond the box with the ground wire as well… What if you have a
    short between hot and metal parts of receptacle…and there is an amount of
    sheets that is permitted inside a box as well about the width of your
    finger but looks great