InSoFast Shipping Container Electric Installation

InSoFast panels are designed for use with standard Romex® (NM sheathed wire), MC Flex, AC Flex, or rigid metal conduit.

InSoFast wiring chases are located 1¼” below the surface of the panel (National Electric Code – NEC Article 330-4d and 300-41a) and are designed to keep the wiring safely within the panel without the use of protective metal plates.

Electrical Raceways spacing varies according to the panels you are using. The CX 44 panels typically used along the sidewalls, the raceways are spaced horizontally every 24” o.c. and vertically every 22” o.c. as marked by a reference line on the face of the panels.

The chases for the end walls and the ceilings that use either the UX 2.0 or the EXi 2.5 panels their chases are spaced 16″ and 24″ on center.  This offers the same protection as a wire running through the center of a 2×4 wall.
In this video we will show you how to clear obstructions from blocking the wiring chases. And the commonsense tricks like the stick used to help set a consistent height for the electrical boxes.

If you have any difficulties sliding the wire through the chase way, bend over the end of the Romex® wiring. The use of a fish tape is generally not required unless pulling multiple wires at one time. If you wish to eliminate the fish tape, slide one wire through and then tape the multiple wires on. Metal flex conduit, MC Flex, or AC Flex installs in the same manner as Romex wiring.

All of our race ways will meet the E3802.1 for the 1 1/4″ code for depth, installation and support requirements
Wiring methods shall be installed and supported in accordance with all local code requirements.
Hot knifes are not essential for installation. For more information about specialty tools, contact us at InSoFast.

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