I’m a stranger here – Five Man Electrical Band

Well I’m a stranger here in this place called Earth And I was sent down here to discover the worth Of your little blue planet third from the sun Come on and …

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  1. Anton Sander says:

    CATCHY Tune!! Always loved 5MEB

  2. Debcrafty1 says:

    Lyrics are so true !

  3. Wanda Jane Trusett says:
  4. joshster89 says:

    “I see the airplanes carrying the bombs” chilling lyric

  5. Erigorn Games says:

    Thanks a lot! Just the lyric “blocking out” should actually be “blacking
    out”. Minor I know but whatever. XD

  6. Norbert Kausen says:

    As relevant today as it was when it was first played!

  7. David Schmidt says:

    this was a vietnam song ,still amazing so true to this day

  8. ssssnayke says:

    This is one of the many many songs I grew to know and love when I was just
    a tyke, really. So today it starts playing in my head (my mind’s ear, would
    that be?), and I thought I’d see if I could find it. And I did. And as I
    listened, really listened, I was floored by the importance of its message.
    Felt like my heart was breaking, literally, like I’m feeling this massive
    love for our planet and such sorrow and grief for all that we have done to
    cripple and devastate this paradise we’ve been blessed with. This message
    is timeless, but immeasurably pertinent for this current timeline when it
    seems everything we have ever known turns out to be a big fat horrible lie
    and all the things we’ve been engineered and programmed to ignore are the
    only things that will save us and our planet. Did I cry? Am I crying? You’d
    better believe it. There is so much pain, emotionally, psychically,
    spiritually… but I’ve a feeling this is what must happen for a heart
    chakra to open and live once more. We must fight this thing, this
    emotionless thing which will forever hunger only for power and more power,
    at the expense of everything that is worth living for in our world. So,
    don’t just listen to the song. Let it in, into your true self, where it may
    show you something you really need to help you be who you really are, who
    you were always meant to be. This black ravenous consciousness cannot
    defeat love, its weapon is fear and fear cannot exist where there is real
    love (aka real truth, and I don’t mean the subjective truth that is
    debatable). Shine your light into any darkness you find. Love does conquer
    all ;)

  9. Alànna Strickland says: