I Need Electrical Help!

Call out to my electricians. I need some serious help. I have zero electrical experience and this project is probably way out of my hands. So what I need is …

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  1. levischultz says:

    its very not safe.. i will get a hold of my cousin and see who wired his
    room up. he lives in the wash park area, so not to far from your neck of
    the woods.

  2. heathwood83 says:

    Hey I’m a master electrician DO NOT put that 14 awg wire on anything larger
    than a 15 amp breaker. You need to run another circuit to your room get
    size 12 American wire gauge that is what AWG stands for. If you can’t
    afford that you can either move your tent or u can run a heavy duty
    extension cord from a circuit that u have in another room that is not being
    used as much but the best thing would be to run a dedicated circuit from
    the panel!! Everything in a circuit needs to be the same amperag

  3. heathwood83 says:

    Repeat you can Not put that on a larger breaker. Don’t do it!

  4. kbgrowkid420 says:

    @heathwood83.. I picked up a heavy duty extension cord so the A/C is off
    another circuit. Its still too much. Got a feeling this is not going to be
    very cheap. Will not touch it. thanks man, I was sure this is not a DIY
    project for someone with no experience.

  5. heathwood83 says:

    I used to live in denver but I moved otherwise I would hook u up I moved
    back to Oklahoma and started my own electrical company!

  6. heathwood83 says:

    Try running your lights and fans off the extension cord and leave the ac on
    with the room circuit c if that works

  7. clownbow1 says:

    hey i could help u what town are u in ??

  8. timbo420247365 says:

    U need to add a new circuit from panel to ac unit on its own breaker that
    tandem breaker is crap potential fire hazard bro

  9. Muffie says:

    @kbgrowkid420 windsun(dot)com/Hardware/Wire_Table.htm

  10. heathwood83 says:

    You need to put the equipment in the tent on a circuit by itself not the ac
    that is a small ac and it can run on that bedroom circuit

  11. Chewbacca121314 says:

    nigga put da plants out side, that tropical mountain air mon

  12. marq666 says:

    Heathwood83 is right. You need a licensed and insured electrician. I wish I
    lived closer! Also tandem breakers are fine if the panel is rated for them.
    Your fine. No one lines to use too many in one panel but sometimes you have
    no choice. Good luck!

  13. ajmprovidence says:

    Also you can’t put breakers across from the main breaker. It is illegal and
    try bus bar Prob won’t accept them

  14. kbgrowkid420 says:

    @ajmprovidence . Thanks man. I picked up a 14 Gauge 15 amp capable
    extension cord and hooked up the components of the tent (light and fans)
    and left the A/C on the old circuit. So far so good.

  15. Ozzey3 says:

    If u wanted to add a separate wire and breaker to your room on one outlet
    you could plug just your ac into it

  16. Ozzey3 says:

    Those blanks in the top left of the breaker area comes out but you would
    have to pull new wire

  17. Ozzey3 says:

    That’s the best thing to do

  18. 1985dvo says:

    is your cloths dryer near your room you could run a sub panel from that
    with 240

  19. heathwood83 says:

    @kbgrowkid glad u got it going bro!!

  20. MrGrowathome says:

    Why can’t he run a sub panel off of the main breaker? It looks like he has
    the room to branch off the main line to a sub panel and then run new
    circuits to where he needs them? I am NOT an electrician, but I am/was a
    Construction Manager who worked his way up through the trades… a 60 amp
    should do the trick eh? Electricians, Tandem breakers are used to save
    space, correct? Couldn’t he change out one of the single breakers to a
    tandem and run a new line to his grow room?

  21. Crackin' Seeds says:

    @kbgrowkid420 Ouch!

  22. Crackin' Seeds says:

    sorry cuz i got nothing….

  23. MrBIGHECTIC says:

    meth cooking makes good money now a days. lol

  24. mitch gring says:

    @kbgrowkid420 hahaha

  25. bluephosi says:

    @heathwood83 Would running an extention cord for A/C create a voltage drop?
    I know with power tools if you have a long length your power tool will run
    with less efficiency.