How to Upgrade an Electrical Panel to 200-Amp Service – This Old House

Master electrician Scott Caron installs a new panel to complete a service upgrade. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: ht…

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  1. Randy Savage says:

    You don’t need that anti-corrosion paste on copper wire. You put a
    “courtesy loop” in the feeders, in case they need to cut and restripped in
    the future, there will be extra wire to do it, not to bend them into place,
    that’s what hands are for. Why didn’t he add grounds to the old 2 wire
    circuits? And I never let the customer “have the honors” of turning on
    electrical equipment? If it shorts, it should trip, but it could also go
    bang, and that’s bad. I’m not impressed with this one guys.. 

  2. Dennis Miles says:

    Randy, exactly right! The grounds on the two wire circuits? They were on
    the neutral and ground busses in fairly equal number so I’m thinking they
    all had grounds. I didn’t see any GFCI breakers however…Nor did I see a
    building electrical permit and hear of the final inspection and certificate
    of occupancy we have to have before the electric utility will hang the
    meter … Also, an important part of a service upgrade to change to larger
    feeders from the street, to the meter base and then into the CB Panel, his
    was installed before they started recording the video or by another
    contractor…And that B.S. of having the homeowner ‘have the honor’ is pure
    Hollywood as you said….

  3. Mc_Pyro says:

    Is using the water main as the ground up to code?

  4. ParkAvenue287 says:

    They still use aluminum wires? :O
    And why did they lay the wires so disordered?

  5. san379 . says:

    i need this

  6. Andrew Frink says:

    Also from what I have looked into around here, cutting and moving the wires
    in the existing panel to the new panel with new breakers means bringing the
    panel up to current code. Around here that means AFCI breakers just about
    everywhere, and a dedicated 20 amp, AFCI + GFCI for the outlet in each
    bathroom, and a separate circuit for the lights in the bathroom.

    In short I’m not sure this would pass inspection here in MN. I’d be happy
    to find out that my interpretation of the code is too conservative.

  7. Dave Graziano says:

    No arc fault breakers???

  8. snipermerc says:

    I gotta chime in on this. This video is quite stupid for starting off with
    just “Ok lets go cut the wires” Without ever mentioning the face that a
    homeowner shouldn’t be in there in the first place, and second to use only
    a licensed electrician. You’ve gone and cut off the safety types that
    should be the first things mentioned. And you know some idiot out there is
    going to go and try EXACTLY what this guy did.

  9. Doug Reed says:

    Grounding via the water main is greatly frowned upon in many areas.

  10. Phormify says:

    Great – another video where the Youtube commenters tell us how much smarter
    they are than the licensed electrician and pointing out how many mistakes
    they assume he made due because they assume their local codes must apply

    Get a grip. They aren’t about to show every detail as the process would
    take several hours. It isn’t meant to be a tutorial… it is just to give
    the typical homeowner a basic understanding of how involved the process is
    so they don’t balk at the $1200 cost to upgrade a small residential panel.

    I’d trust Scott to work on my home, and his presentation and customer
    service skills are top notch. Some of you self-proclaimed “experts” could
    learn a thing or two here.

  11. Jay Algonquin says:

    What most people don’t know is if the wire from outside is rated 100 amp,
    your new 200 amp panel will only have 100 amps. coming in You must have
    your electric company replace the exterior wire from the house to the
    utility pole from 100 to 200. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not an

  12. Rick Rideout says:

    7 seconds into this video and I’m having a hard time watching it–the
    electrician has no eye protection on–come on you people get with the 21st
    Sorry to rant about this, however, the place that I worked at he would be
    out of a job for not using eye protection.

  13. punchy001 says:

    What if the idiots that owned the house before you didnt install the right
    gauge of wire?? You just cant assume because the wire is a certain gauge
    then thats the breaker that goes to it…?

  14. Alicia Pucci says:

    Split air 

  15. Alicia Pucci says:
  16. Dylan Link says:

    For FUCK SAKE PEOPLE calm down, do you not realize that shows made for
    television are for entertainment? Not every single detail is going to be
    shown and explained. All you “im a mastur elektrician for 100 yeers, dat
    wudnt pass here” types feel the need to troll through the comments and say
    how you would have done it because that’s got to be the only correct way,

  17. scotty miller says:

    love ur video’s what wire size would i need for a new 100 amp service in
    alabama thank you i was thinking 4 awg (copper)

  18. lord wahl says:

    this guy is a master electrician? from the looks of this id say he might be
    a residential wireman level 2 by ibew standards. I doubt he holds a
    journeymens card let alone a masters. listening to the information he gives
    almost leads me to believe he’s still an apprentice.