How to Read Your Electric Meter and Submit a Reading – British Gas

You can submit your electricity reading online or on the British Gas App, online, by phone or via text. Your meter is usually located in a tucked away place, like under the stairs or if you live in an apartment building they may be located in shared space, such as the hallways. Here’s how to read different types of electricity meters:

Single Rate Meter
You need the first five digits, reading from right to left, so you can ignore the last one which might be highlighted in red.

Two Rate Meter
You’ll need the first five digit numbers from both rows, reading from left to right, so you can ignore the last number in red again.

Two Rate Single Display Meter
You’ll need both five digit numbers, reading from left to right. Some meters will automatically switch between the two numbers, while others you will need to push a button to switch between the two.

Dial Meter
You’ll need to read the first five dials from left to right and make a note of the number the pointer is indicating. If the pointer is in the middle, note down the lower number. Remember to check which way the numbers are going as they may differentiate between dials.

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