How To Read Electrical Schematics

Reading schematics isn’t that hard when you know what all the symbols mean.

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  1. coolredpen says:

    Did you say you were going to restore another bike?

  2. Kethlar says:

    Finally someone who can explain it in layman’s terms without the attitude,
    and on terms and not all ‘coperatefied’ Thank you Dino! This was GREAT!
    Thank you so much! Coming from a person who does know how to read schems,
    this is awesome I love it! 

  3. Paul Marshall says:

    Very informative thanks

  4. David Teles says:

    5:52 One Direccion ahahahahah nowadays we can’t even explain anything
    without tripping out in some band name 

  5. dglad4 says:

    Don’t forget about those of us using the ISO symbols! We use a block rather
    than a squiggle for a resistor -□-

  6. roge715 says:

    thank you for the info, the truth hurts, but this video is helpful for some
    idiots in electronics,…like me….

  7. Daniel Larson says:

    I feel like an idiot watching you. I wish I knew 5% of what you know.

  8. LOLGames says:

    Errr… It feels weird because both the Transistor and Diode are reversed
    in my eyes.

  9. vino pit says:

    verry good instructions. please make a video about how to read schematics
    from start to begining. i know the simbols but i allways lose myselfe in so
    many lines and signs. the other good tutorial would be, how to turn scheme
    in to practical product.

  10. Jeremy Rodriguez says:

    Great Video!

  11. Colin Riley says:

    Thanks that was very useful.

  12. Rob Hernandez says:

    Thumbs up on your tutorial!!
    You presented it very well for us that want to learn about
    electronics/electrical symbols.
    By the way i subscribed to your channel.


  13. Rob Hernandez says:

    I have been looking to several tutorials and yours was the BEST!


  14. Rob Hernandez says:

    I have a Fisher model 201 receiver that the power transformer get extremely
    can’t even keep my finger on it for more than a couple of seconds and i was
    wondering if you could tell me what is causing that.
    I turned on the receiver and played it a a fairly low volume but the
    transformer still overheats. Everything works on the receiver.
    Hope that you can point me in the right direction.
    Thank you

  15. clydesight says:

    Excellent. Thanks for posting!

  16. JRamirezBand says:

    Thank you sir.. you’ve just made it more easier for me. Cant wait to start
    my electronics class this follow ing semester but now I can go in with
    confidence. Thanks again :)

  17. whyiohwhy says:

    Thanks, very helpful, even after I’ve been working on circuitry for some

  18. Antony Fiori says:

    Very good video. Very helpful.
    That turn at 11:05 made me laugh.

  19. juan carlos Correa chiu says:


  20. Raytona500 says:

    Thanks for the excellent tips. Much obliged. All the best, Raytona

  21. Daniel Trent says:

    I just starting learning electrical engineering and found this video very
    helpful, thx for posting it :)


    Thanks for the post ! 

  23. Marco Duran says:

    Thanks a lot! It’s been a while for me. I had forgotten a lot of symbols.
    It’s kind of intimidating getting into that type of work again. Now I got a
    little of my confidence back. I’m very grateful.

  24. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

    Nice Video, You have a good clear way of explaining things.

  25. mrbsred1 says:

    Now I don’t feel so inept in the field of electronics. I have been putting
    off tackling some crybaby wah mods as I messed it up the first time. I feel
    confident in attempting it once again. Thanks for the tutorial!