How To Install Service Entrance | Electric Meter Base Gutter Box | Part 1

This build is for an 18 unit apartment building that only had 8 existing electric meters. The electricity for the rest of the units are fed into sub-meters to measure each unit’s electric consumption. And there arises the problem of tenant billing and high maintenance costs.
So I applied for 10 new electric meter accounts from our local electric distributor to cater to the 10 units without an account.

00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Old Dilapidated Meters to be replaced and relocated
00:16 – Preparing the Materials
00:48 – Measuring the Meter Base | Service Entrance Height
00:56 – Installing the Lower Gutter Box
01:30 – Installing the Middle Gutter Box
02:00- Installing the 1st layer of Electrical Meters
02:24 – Installing the Top Gutter Box
02:34 – Installing the 2nd layer of Electrical Meters
02:41 – Locking the Meter Pipes to the Gutter Box
03:08 – Attaching the Breaker Hooks inside the Gutter Box

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Part One, shows the basic installation of the meter bases and line gutters.

Part Two, will show the wiring and installation of the watt-hour meters.

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