How to Install Electrical Outlets : Turning Off the Power When Wiring an Electrical Outlet

Turning off the power when wiring an electrical outlet is crucial to your safety. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips and …

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  1. bigtexx49 says:

    these videos are really helpful for a do it yourselfer

  2. mommots says:

    the test instrument used for checking to see if the cable is live is a volt
    stick which only varifies the live cable. the cable is twin and earth and
    that is not good practice or reliable as they sometimes fail to light. also
    ifyou have ‘borrowed neatral in that circuit then you will get a nasty rap
    off a neutral if you touch it, these videos encourage d.i.y and will
    eventually lead to someones death. mindyou this is an american vid and us
    english are more wise as to get a trained expert in

  3. Gigs Taggart says:

    Yeah because it’s much better to be ignorant and pay someone to do
    everything. Right. See that’s why we came over here and did our own thing.

  4. mommots says:

    unqualified people should not mess with gas or electric, if you have a fire
    as a reslut then you will not be able to claim on your insurance. thats if
    you don’t eletricute or blow your self up

  5. Boss Pranks says:

    INSPECTOR = UNQUALIFIED DIY RESUCUER! You Should Not Use a Flustick to test
    if power is off because they can give false reading, due to magnetic
    induction! this guys an idiot

  6. Etrician55 says:

    lol, it also may not read if he has it touching the neutral side… this
    guy IS an idiot… electrical is not for do it yourselfers… anybody
    needing electrical work done hire somebody who is lisenced.

  7. MyForce IsInYou says:

    how many times do i see people using tickers for testing zero voltage there
    not ment for that there ment to check to see if a cable is live, ALWAYS use
    a volt meter to check for zero volts and please get this electricial wanna
    be away from taht panel….i think he should get a shock it might make him
    realise that he shouldnt be messing with something he has no clue about.

  8. Zac Camarta says:

    if u were an electrician you would no that anything that your ticker
    couldn’t pick up you wouldn’t feel. most tickers are senstive up to
    40volts. you won’t feel that.

  9. jason white says:

    can i run other lines of the furnace electrical line???

  10. Joe Narciso says:

    This video should have been part of this video (How to Install & Wire an
    Electrical Outlet : Installing the Ground Fault Interrupter : Wiring an
    Electrical Receptacle) The reason is that the video did not highlight
    turning off the power!!

  11. brenyboy26 says:

    turn the fucking main off just to be safe for fuck sake, after that three
    tries i wouldn’t work with the motherfucker

  12. Stichesonmyass says:

    whats with the ticker

  13. sgtgrooover says:

    Way to go, trust your life to a ringer?? NO WAY!!! Unsafe, DON’T do it this
    way!!! You could die.

  14. mattyice11 says:

    if ur an electrician u can. or if u are absolutley sure u can. its harder
    than you may think, but i would hav an electrician do it just to be safe.

  15. sgtgrooover says:

    Yes, and I am an electrician. That doesn’t make me immune. That’s how
    accidents happen, people get complacent.

  16. Alex Sears says:

    I just turn the main off, I figure that it is easier to reset all of the
    clocks than to try and find which breaker goes to what.

  17. nypj says:

    i learned how to change outlets live, if you know what you are doing you
    dont need to shut the power for something so simple… but, an easier 1 man
    way to tell which breaker it is is to connect a radio to the outlet, just
    make sure you can hear the radio from the breaker pannel… when the radio
    shuts off, you got your breaker…

  18. s30zman says:

    I have been doing electrical work for 10+ years and get this i had to re
    wire a 2 gang box the home owner used a #12 drop cord in the wall to wire a
    light !!! trust me i see it every day . thanks you ppl !!!

  19. TerryNutkins80 says:

    Verifying a circuit with a volt stick. If an inspector saw you doing that
    over here in the UK, he’ll take you outside and give you a damn good

  20. joedreamliner787 says:

    You always turn off the power. Work safe not stupid. Always look at it as
    no job is too simple you may put your hands in the box and not realize on
    the other side of the wire it’s slightly nicked.

  21. hymkr says:

    I’m an electrician and I’ll tell you this much to some of the comments:
    changing out a live receptacle is STUPID and I would never use a ticker to
    verify power is off. I use my meter for this, it takes two seconds, and I
    also agree with what someone else said…if you don’t know what you’re
    doing then you should not mess with electric or gas because they’ll kill
    you. Mess with water because it’ll just cause a big flood! These “Expert”
    videos are made BY amateurs!

  22. Sekkira says:

    I find it funny how most people here are complaining about him using the
    power stick to see if there’s current running through it. This is not the
    issue. In previous videos he specified to test the wires multiple times
    with it to make sure it’s not faulty and you’re not given a false reading.
    The problem is that he’s getting somebody else to do it. Never EVER do
    this. Your apprentice gets the shit jobs not because you hate him, but
    because the important ones are too important to trust your life.

  23. ranthewireman says:

    if you are holding a light stick that is on and it goes off as you flip
    breaker off and turn it on and off once or twice and wittness the stick off
    on off I personally trust it is off!

  24. Patriotic Media says:

    @zoonam Im sure he he’s qualified. Expert Village is probably one of the
    most trolled channels on YouTube.

  25. superstyx2001 says:

    Qualified or not, He does this dangerously… I’ll admit i’ve used the volt
    stick to test, but it’s not something an instructional video should do.
    Even in the next video, he says to test the wires again; good practice. But
    with the same stick; BAD practice. Kids, always use a volt meter to test
    for electrical current, and above all: if you are unsure of what you are
    doing, seek qualified professional assistance. Stay safe, and let them fry
    themselves 😀