How to Install Electrical Outlets : Testing the Electrical Outlet Source Box

Testing the electrical source box is an important part of the installation process. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips an…

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  1. ozzbash says:

    i WOULD never trust the voltstick for my life….when its moist the
    voltstick lights up to anything…even on ur body…never use this

  2. davehayes2204 says:

    nice, crampits inside the box- banned about 20 years ago in uk. voltstick
    also illegal to use as a test lamp.

  3. wattstopper101 says:

    This is the most unsafe way of teaching an home owner to test for power.
    You should never use a glowstick! you should use a “wiggy” to verify power.
    If there is ever ANY question if power is present turn off the main.
    Electricity is something that shoul be left up to us professionals to do
    and not a weekend home builder.NEVER TRUST A GLOW STICK!!!!

  4. John Copsey says:

    Take these dangerous videos off U tube before someone dies

  5. MyForce IsInYou says:

    Hahaha he checks all 3 incase someone has it wired up wrong……..I would
    check all 3 too if you had been in my house befor hand…..What an
    idiot…..TAKE THESE VIDEOS DOWN, and i really hope people dont get hurt by
    the hands of this retard.

  6. ELECTTEST says:

    You’r all wrong, a voltage stick is a reliable method of detecting voltage,
    any other method relies on a potential difference which may not be present
    across the points of contact. I regularly rely on a voltage stick for my
    safety. If it give a false indication it will be on the safe side. However
    I certainly wouldn’t accept that a circuit breaker is a suitable means of

  7. tesesincha says:

    do we need a master inspector?

  8. Stichesonmyass says:

    hey guy why dont u use a volt meter or wiggy or a real tester u are a
    dangerous man if u dont stop you will be respnsible for a lot of deaths

  9. Stichesonmyass says:

    i use glow sticks to test for stray voltage

  10. tels2006 says:

    Votage sticks are great as a rough indication, but still I would test using
    a meter or a tester screwdriver before touching anything.

  11. MyMusicMelody says:

    This is very dangerous! Very unreliable test instrument. Use a voltage
    indicating device and a known voltage circuit/proving circuit.

  12. idejRetsam says:

    my dad loves doing stuff like that…. with the power still on. he once
    tried to cut through some wire in the attic and i had to inform him that he
    had just burnt out a notch into his own dikes