How to Install Electrical Outlets : Stripping Electrical Wires to Install an Electrical Outlet

Stripping electrical wires is an important part of the outlet installation process. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips an…

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  1. oldschoolio says:

    should’n you actually start with the ground wire then neutral, then finally
    black (hot)?

  2. bruinmi says:

    It’s always a smart thing to do if you are wiring it hot. So it’s nice to
    get used to it. I won’t go in to why but it’s not a requirement or anything.

  3. johnmartinez123 says:

    “Black to brass, or burn your ass.” Memorable.

  4. thegalster1888 says:

    is actually phase neutral and earth , both the pahse and the neutral r live
    in a circuit n where im froms scotland , any half decent electrician doesnt
    use gauges to determine how much to strip off , its second nature , these
    vids r a danger to the public

  5. bartin1234 says:

    ppl DO-NOT use tips from EXPRT village some of there tips can BE DEADLY

  6. Xavier says:

    “Hi, now we’re gonna learn how to STRIP A WIRE…… its not as fun as it
    sounds, but….” pervert lol

  7. brenyboy26 says:

    i wouldn’t fucking dare fuck round with powerpoints haha

  8. brenyboy26 says:

    haha i love the black to brass or burn your ass

  9. sgtgrooover says:

    Why does this guy insist on stripping the jacket off before running into
    the box? The jacket is there to protect the conductors. Pull your wire
    through and then strip it!!

  10. jimmyff50 says:

    brown is live in my country and neutral is blue now second phase is black
    but in domestic we use brown

  11. tslabjr7 says:

    @sgtgrooover i am a apprentice. i found that if you run the cable into the
    box, then mark it then strip 1/2 inch after your mark it makes the cable
    perfect. this way you already have the clamp bent and part of the cable in
    the box so your conductors have less of a chance getting damaged. i use
    cable strippers to strip wire not speed strippers.

  12. coolboarder44 says:

    @sgtgrooover Yeah, for the plastic boxes, he should probably be stripping
    after pulling it through, but it doesn’t matter for metal boxes – as long
    as you’re careful while you pull them through. The guys I work with always
    strip first, then push through (myself included), though we always use
    metal. But if you’re pushing the wires into the box so hard that you’re
    nicking the actual wire insulation on the way in, you’re obviously doing it
    way too hard.

  13. coolboarder44 says:

    @thegalster1888 totally, I was laughing at his ‘strip-guage measuring’ too

  14. supersexytammra says:

    im cute

  15. theno1katzman says:

    why isn’t this playlist in order /