How to Install Electrical Outlets : Installing an Electrical Outlet Box

Installing an electrical outlet box isn’t as hard as it sounds, so learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips and advice on home …

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  1. DWRich17 says:

    This guy does seem a little out of practice. Other than that, the only
    actual problem with the install is that the 2008 Nec requires the fire
    rated finish surface(sheetrock) to have no space around the box. He simply
    cut the hole to big. And yes, I do hate those blue plastic do it your self

  2. Extra44Files says:

    As a licensed and code certified home inspector, ding dongs like this guy
    give us a bad reputation. I was waiting for this guy to take out a hammer
    after stripping the screw heads. Leave the electrical installations to the
    licensed electricians. From what I’ve seen of the guy in other videos,
    there is no way I’d trust him to inspect my house.

  3. thegalster1888 says:

    yep videos r a disgrace , as for the power driver , isnt just lazy theres
    no feel to it , any good electricians i know dont just tighten till it cant
    get any tighter , will cause the flaps of the drywall box to snap r even
    damage the wall , and for the cables hes prob damaged the insulation on the
    conductors whilst heavy handed forcing them into that box , take out the
    knockout n theyll slide in fine

  4. thegalster1888 says:

    never stuff cables into boxes adress them in , do ur job correct

  5. TheTwinTowers says:

    Must be an American video…

  6. xXxColinEmco says:

    1:16 ” At this point these look really good!” LOL! No they dont. You
    completely ruined the insulation of tose wires making that illegal and need
    to reinstall them. DOUCHEBAG!

  7. 1312014 says:

    Bet you’ve just wresked the screw head with that power screwdriver….
    IDIOT !!

  8. Gary Cooper says:

    i personally thought the man knew what he was doing….excellent video

  9. joshrwallis says:

    safety screws! sounded like he rounded the heads clean off those bad boys,
    hate to be one taking it out in future!

  10. squirrelsniper58 says:

    Plastic boxes = trouble GO METAL

  11. lovesomecujo says:

    Yeah you’re right. ive yet to see a video from expert village that made me
    think they actually knew anything more than the average do it yourselfer.
    Not impressed by them at all

  12. electricalron says:

    @squirrelsniper58 Why is that?

  13. Exil says:

    wow, hire a real working electrician, inspector do just what there supposed
    to do.. inspection, not installation. Good job on striping these screws, a
    good ol screwdriver is perfect for this. I’m also a METAL lover, dunno why,
    just seems alot more sturdy/reusable than those fancy wings/plastic boxes.
    I also won’t install, unless being forced to do so, a floating box like
    that with F bracket. For me it’s metal and solid wood screws (at least 2
    per box); loosing nails can also go to hell.

  14. squirrelsniper58 says:

    @electricalron were not even allowed to use them here because they burn up

  15. AvatarOfAvatar says:

    Hahaha, and yeah, nice job ass hat using a power screwdriver and stripping
    the shit out those screws! Idiot!

  16. utubmania2009 says:

    Hi, I’ve a new type of switch, Dimmer and outlet in one piece. I would like
    to replace it with current dimmer. How do I do that?

  17. BlackbirdSpecOps says:

    Sounds like the screws were stripped all to hell with that cordless. Never
    use a cordless. Tighten screws by hand with a screwdriver. I noticed that
    the romex wasn’t secured before the installation. Big no no if you’re going
    to follow NEC code. I’m glad he’s not inspecting in my jurisdiction.
    Listen, if you’re not a licensed electrician, leave the wiring to the guys
    who are. We know what has to be done and with the proper tools. Doing it
    this way will get a house burnt down in no time.

  18. BlackbirdSpecOps says:

    @fryerkid It has nothing to do with being an American, it has to do with a
    person who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Licensed electricians as myself
    would fire this guy for being a hack. If it weren’t for the standards we
    put out then everyone around the world would be doing stupid shit like this

  19. fnorman0 says:

    Agree stripping screws is a mistake. Using a deep box or a plastic box is
    not a mistake. Extra space is good if more cables can be added later. In
    Canada the code does not require metal boxes. Plastic box is different from
    US – it must have a grounding screw on the box that is linked to the outlet
    frame. Securing the cable to framing within specified distance of the box
    is a must on new work, but for an addon in an existing finished wall this
    is impractical and is not enforced.

  20. Dmitrytln says:

    @GMELECTRONICS365 I was “killed”, how those electricians work in apartment
    buildings. If fuse burns quite often, they put bolts or piece of copper
    wire. When panel makes fire, safety board says, that everything is done
    correct due to having license. It is protecting of economical interest
    instead of safety.

  21. Mainline Power says:

    Probably be easier with

  22. softcellelectrical says:

    You left out how to properly mark the location, how to mark the cutout, and
    how to cut the hole without damaging the drywall. Other than that, good

  23. 6587567651 says:

    Oh, and yes, he really did strip the heck out of those screws. I agree, he
    did screw up there. But for you people saying do it by hand, come on. It’s
    way quicker with a drill. I use a drill on both these as well as
    receptacles that I wire… so much quicker and efficient, a good thing when
    you are on a tight schedule.

  24. Mike Nobles says:

    He installed It upside down WTF lol! Expert Village needs to stop

  25. jbuddyman says:

    Expert village makes things look a lot easier than they actually are. Tisk