How to Install Electrical Outlets : Feeding Wires Through the Wall for an Electrical Outlet

Feeding wires through the wall for an electrical outlet is sometimes necessary. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips and ad…

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  1. archimedesjs says:

    You’re trying to come off as informed, and you’re failing miserably. It’s
    human nature to take as much as possible, and that is the creedo of
    business owners. To make as much money as possible, which means paying as
    little in labor as they can. I don’t fault them for it, and nobody should.
    It is the workers right to seek out the same thing, as much money as they
    can get. Unions just level the playing field, and allow the worker to get
    what they deserve.

  2. archimedesjs says:

    just siding with the contractor/employer. You fail to have any perspective
    on the matter, and your opinion is evident of that. The way in which you
    try to demonise tradesman, or anybody with services to offer. A contractor
    did not choose to be a contractor in order to provide people with JOBS,
    they did it to earn MONEY. They’re out for themselves, just how everybody
    else is. It’s a very simple concept, and you obviously have NO experience
    in the matter. Grow up, and experience reality.

  3. michaeladeniyi says:


  4. mattyice11 says:

    im 16 and i installed a subpanel that fed an oven, an a/c unit and our new
    addition. ive also replaced panels and istalled backup generator systems,
    all without the help of “expert village” because thier RETARDED. tha guys
    talking to himself. if u want to accually learn stuff, go 2 a tech school.
    like me.

  5. branchend says:


  6. Nornamwiley says:

    LOL I love this! look guys doing the work in the field is important, it
    will get you experience and help develop quality workmanship. But with out
    being trained in electrical theory, you won’t understand the reason of the
    code your a following.exemple ! what is the controlled path of an
    electrical circuit? get back with me when you think you know the answer!!

  7. 21Blitz says:

    ppl like u why there are bad wireing house fires, everyones motto should
    be, ” if your going to do it, do it right the first time”

  8. AvatarOfAvatar says:

    That’s fine jackleg, you insulted me first and let your alligator mouth
    overrun your parakeet ass. I suggest you think before just opening up your
    gums next time.

  9. aholguin77 says:

    please keep your shitty comments to yourself, why dont you make your own
    video if you say you know more shit!!!

  10. n8tivguitar says:

    im a asshole i dont have freinds.

  11. David Opancha says:

    I didn’t know being a home inspector makes you a master electrician. I hope
    that house catches on fire with him in it.

  12. speedymania says:

    I’m a licensed plumber and work as a fulltime

  13. electRon330 says:

    He should stick to his full time job. I was a green apprentice when I
    rolled tape like that. Nothing wrong with #14 wire in the right
    application. (general lighting etc)

  14. archimedesjs says:

    The only thing that you have a point on, is that we all get paid the same
    regardless of ability, but the stricter apprenticeship program, along with
    the Code of Excellence standards, are weeding out these kind of members.
    Sorry that you had such a poor experience in the union…but your opinion
    is over 25 years old. A LOT of things have changed in 25 years.

  15. michael fulton says:

    wee all need buddies… ok push it up through the hole

  16. justin gill says:

    He’s probely got some gibrony on the other side of the wall to make the
    video. this gay basterd hasen’t done jackshit in an attic before i promise
    you that shit. Hey look at me guys it took only 5 minutes.

  17. GCProductionn says:

    he’s wacking it at 2:28

  18. Marco Barajas says:

    @nippleberrysunshine THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  19. daganwright says:

    Wow this guy is stupid!

  20. wadcher says:

    All inspectors think their pros( no matter what their inspectors of.) Super
    hilarious, guy is bi polar!

  21. Techozek says:

    Ehh… That was the most half assed attempt of attaching a cable to a
    fishing hook I have ever seen in my life. Bad video again by expert village.

  22. BlackOpsgpr says:

    haha good catch fucking hilarious

  23. Video Security Services, Québec says:

    not helpful at all

  24. wwhhee says:

    from 0:36-0:56 sounds sexual if you just listen to the audio

  25. Jon gonski says:

    hes yelling at nothing… hes at the same wall the whole time prob feeding
    it up a foot to himselfs