How to Install Electrical Outlets : Drilling a Hole in the Ceiling or Floor for an Electrical Outlet

Drilling a hole in the ceiling or floor for an electrical outlet is sometimes necessary. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert ti…

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  1. John Tony says:

    …in australia its cold a yellow tounge or a snake…why would u call it a
    fish… didnt even drill all the way through lol

  2. coolboarder44 says:

    I think you need to drill a bit deeper….the bit only went in about 1/2″

  3. mintvagoo says:

    These videos suck balls– the tutorial is broken into so many micro-clips
    it’s a pain in the ass.

  4. brenyboy26 says:


  5. brenyboy26 says:

    INCH” “ah fuck”

  6. Stichesonmyass says:

    that stupid guy he didnt go through hahahahahaha what an asshole why is he
    getting the snake for finish drilling the hole first the biggest hole on a
    2 by 4 i beleive is an one inch in diameter

  7. Stichesonmyass says:


  8. sgtgrooover says:

    LOL!! WTH was that?? He drilled an inch!! If you drilled through the top
    plate you wouldn’t need a fish tape….. and it’s 1 1/4″ from the face of
    the stud for your hole before you need to protect it with a metal plate….

  9. Stichesonmyass says:

    i would never put the drill on reverse when i drill a hole to pull out the
    bit cuz it all close up the hole

  10. ADRIAN ZAMORA says:

    @brenyboy26 LMAO… I love it

  11. brenyboy26 says:

    wouldn’t he hit the floor on the upper level if he did?

  12. AvatarOfAvatar says:

    That added wall is not the same as the wall above it. The guy didnt drill
    all the way through either. The easest way is to get a 4 foot flexi drill
    bit and drill down, after you check what’s underneath you obviously. After
    watching this guy in action, I am reminded of just a few things…. There
    is no such thing as a “Master Home Inspector” Exactly where did you get
    your “Master Home Inspector License”?

  13. AvatarOfAvatar says:

    A simple scan of the Mass requirements to be a home inspector shows that
    there is nothing called a Master’s license. Most states dont have any
    requirements what so ever to be a home inspector. This guy is proof of
    that. Unlike the actual trades where we have to get tons of paperwork,
    certifications, and actual state LICENSES. None of that is required for
    home inspectors. Yet, customer take these guy’s word for it, it’s the same
    as listening to the guy at Home Depot for house help.

  14. patwregan says:

    master hack wannabe electrician

  15. andy69607 says:

    Wot no eye protection !!

  16. dendrytus says:

    Where’s your safety goggles?

  17. jurrassicsparks says:

    are you allowed to do your own wiring in the states?Here in New Zealand a
    house owner can run cables but not allowed to connect.It really annoys the
    hell out of me because if the walls have been lined who the hell knows if
    the owner hasnt done a crap job of joining cables and taped them inside the
    wall.Then if i sign it off,im liable for a fire.Home owners should be
    banned from home handyman wiring and this inspector looks very amateur.

  18. strumpeteer says:

    This is too funny. If you guys keep these hundreds of negative comments
    coming, the more infamous he becomes, and soon he’ll be asked to host his
    own talk show on NBC.

  19. Andrew Adelaide says:

    YouTube should ban and remove all videos showing work undertaken without
    proper safety equipment…in this case safety glasses. Safety first is a
    basic requirement for any company or professionally trained operator.

  20. prouler1 says:

    Wtf.are you showing how to drill a hole.

  21. CCruzr22 says:

    That sound good on paper and I am sure it makes you look good but unless
    you know OSHA is coming around and/or someone in watching, most contractors
    don’t actually wear all there safety gear. Get real, and that is with most
    industries. I know contractors that don’t wear all of their gear at the
    same time. So calm down buddy, take your dog and pony show somewhere else.

  22. TrailBusterBrute1 says:

    Doesn’t matter how deep he drilled. The trick is that it’s unrealistic.
    Most often the drywall is fully in place and the homeowner wants the wire
    to magically appear without drywall damage.