How to Install Electrical Outlets : Cutting a Hole for an Electrical Outlet

Cutting a hole for a new electrical outlet can be tricky. Learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips and advice on home improveme…

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  1. y0utube1973 says:

    As he is cutting he lets the piece fall inside the wall. If you’re at home
    with an existing wall and you will have some problems. Bad video. Use a
    hammer to push the saw in not your palm. As his title says Master Inspector
    not electrician.

  2. mikeweeber says:

    I thought that they are usually attached to studs.

  3. Michael Nguyen says:

    if ur gonna complain then dont watch it, nothing wrong with using ur palm,
    i always use my palm, so does my dad and it works fine

  4. Etrician55 says:

    why not go to the stud and screw to it rather then using one of those cheap
    drywall anchor boxes?

  5. V1 Real Estate says:

    lol wtf? he just put that box in afterwards like nothing happened after
    that piece fell into the wall.

  6. livo101 says:

    if you look closely you can see that there isnt a bottom to the wall so it
    would have just been sitting on the ground below him

  7. wtf4real123 says:

    @realtyv1 does it matter? its unfinished right under that piece of drywall
    so that drywall is just going to be laying on the floor dingleberry

  8. Dmitrytln says:

    If I have concrete wall? 🙂 Video is not suitable for ex-USSR countries,
    cause there drilling hole in the Soviet concrete for one outlet takes
    approximately 50 minutes or 1 hour. And of course pain in hands.