How to Install an Outdoor Electrical Outlet – This Old House

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  1. Jimboo0825 says:


  2. sjs says:

    Aren’t you supposed to test the GFCI circuit?

  3. Maxid1 says:

    Pretty much the cardinal rule of placing anchors in or drilling through a
    masonry wall is, avoid doing it through the mortar lines, it causes them to
    open. That’s bad.

  4. Damien Nicholas says:

    it’s too bad that the hardest part of being an electrician is the school
    aspect of it all. i’ve wired countless projects big and small, but still
    don’t have the patients to go sit in a classroom to actually get paid what
    i deserve. but then again, i’ll just be paying off student loans and bills
    i rack up while i’m in school in the first place, so…. idk… just seems
    like a waste of time.

  5. marthasmadman says:

    Looks like west Little Rock by the style of the houses

  6. מינה מנקס says:
  7. Ricardo Junqueira says:

    I’m always a bit weary when doing electrical work. I was wondering how cool
    would it be if TOH provided local training courses for paying customers.
    TOH Tech School would be AWESOME! 

  8. Jason C. says:

    You should always drill through the brick not the grout.

  9. SkilledEddie says:

    romex in sealtite haha

  10. telosfd says:

    Heavy duty outlet really strong and nice installation.