How to install an electrical outlet How to install an electrical outlet. Wiring an electrical outlet is an important part of electrical wiring process, l…

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  1. MrSpyderuser says:

    Great question and you are correct. A grounding wire provides an additional
    return path for electrical current. The grounding wire is a safety feature
    designed to conduct electricity if current seeks to return to the service
    panel along a path other than the neutral (white) wire.

  2. iironwarrior says:

    I have an older house where most of the outlets do not have a true ground
    wire. How would I add one? I understand the wiring to the outlet, but it’s
    the other end that confuses me. Also to wire it correctly, would you pull
    out all the old wire and add a new romex wire from breaker box to circuit?
    Sorry, I’m a newbie .

  3. MrSpyderuser says:

    papadartman – I emailed you with instructions – Just let me know if you
    need more help.

  4. iironwarrior says:

    @Woodpipemaker HAHAHA… That’s hillarious…. (Black Wire) = Colored

  5. MrSpyderuser says:

    @DJVADO17 The circuit should always be grounded. The grounding method could
    vary based on different types of outlets, boxes and wiring. Always make
    sure you provide a ground path for current to return to earth.

  6. strangerfella says:

    @MrSpyderuser Hi, I think your video has been one of the best I’ve looked
    up replacing/placing a socket., My question is that majority of the videos
    I’ve seen has wares going on the outside sides of the box with the screws.
    I have wires going directly into the socket. Is there a reason for doing it
    either way? is either one better/worse?

  7. MrSpyderuser says:

    @TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd Thanks for the comment TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd . Yes you are
    correct. Connectors should always be tightened. This video was made to show
    the basics of installing an outlet. I have other videeos that cover the
    basics of connectors. Thanks for pointing this out for other viewers.

  8. MrSpyderuser says:

    @96drummer96 Thanks for the comment 96drummer96. The circuit should always
    be grounded. The grounding method could vary based on different types of
    outlets, boxes and wiring. Always make sure you provide a ground path for
    current to return to earth.

  9. Steven C says:

    Also you can backstab the outlet if you are using 14 awg. no need to use
    the silver or brass srew

  10. Michelle Treen says:

    How did I get here!!!! I was watching horse videos :/

  11. Defy Beats says:

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  12. Jamal Loving says:


  13. Nick Maresca says:

    Good video

  14. signupsigma says:

    Black and Whte — such racism…even in electricity.

  15. MrSpyderuser says:

    two prong is ungrounded. If you are changing the outlet you should add a
    ground wire and make sure everything is properly grounded.

  16. ThePigFacedDog says:

    Helped heaps man…now I’m only trying not to lose my mind and not smash
    this floater box! I’m a drywaller by trade and NEVER put floater boxes in,
    and this is why.

  17. D Cromwell says:

    Do you stay in the middle? lol

  18. 1LittleCloud says:

    can you show me how to do a “back to back” outlet. I want to put an outlet
    outside using power from an existing outlet inside the house

  19. jonathan krimer says:

    what about the dry wall????

  20. iPhoneBrothers says:

    I want to run an electric outlet in my attic but all the wires are
    connected together what do I cut to start the wiring

  21. SakuraandSesshomaru says:

    How do I install into a wall with no wires in it?

  22. Tommy Stewart says:

    Good vid.. but the thumbs down may be because you didn’t ground your
    box..still thumb up for me.

  23. Jossuevaca says:

    Thank you, this helped out so much. 

  24. Mike Ferrero says:

    I don’t care about critics on your video, thanks so much for the right
    explanation on how to basic connect an outlet, I had some trouble doing it,
    it was my second time installing outlets and I forgot, thanks for the
    awesome video, following your steps I did my job successfully, thanks a lot
    for the info and helpful video to help people like me resolve the problem.
    Now, I don’t think people would need anything else out of your explanation
    to complete their task, so all of you who came for critics I suggest to go
    some other videos out there to find what you are looking for, hate people
    here being stupid, instead of adding a nice and supportive answer, Great
    job dude. Keep up, forget about negative comments. This is basic
    installation and enough to complete what you need, I believe so, according
    to what I did, and it worked.

  25. Shawn Becker says:

    power outlets look like horrified faces.