How to do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control Circuit

This video uses Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation software to teach you how to troubleshoot an electri…

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  1. makUsuffer says:

    Cool stuff.

  2. sscutellatus says:

    thank you i just started my Industrial electricity classes

  3. electRon330 says:

    Why allow the agitator pump to single phase any more than necessary. No
    need to check amps first. With the disconnect off, use your ohmmeter to
    check the fuses. If good, tug lightly on all connections between the fuses
    and the motor lead terminals. In this case the lead would have pulled out.
    Reinsert and tighten all connections and test operation. Then tighten all
    connections in panel to eliminate call back. Panel never opened while
    energized, same result. Been doing this for 40 years.

  4. BIN Industrial Training says:

    Thanks Ron for that great advice. Even though our software is the best real
    world simulation out there, you still cannot tug on wires in it. So you
    have to use the more scientific method. :>) Plus this method lends its self
    to show more in the video, of the softwares capabilities. :>) PS: you
    cannot hit the panel with a hammer either, although that is another real
    world situation. ha ha

  5. BIN Industrial Training says:

    @RESSAN5560 Thanks for asking. you can get the software at BIN95 . com

  6. EETechs says:

    @bin952 It would be nice then to make the software far more strict such
    that it can follow the real world as close as possible. While software
    capabilities are nice, they do not help the student who will be looking for
    a technician job. I would hate to see someone young get blasted by the
    seasoned techs for trying these methods shown in this video, especially of
    the stress caused to the motor.

  7. BIN Industrial Training says:

    @RESSAN5560 it is at BIN95 dotcom

  8. BIN Industrial Training says:

    @EETechs I hear you. I would hate to see someone who thinks useing one
    niche self improvement software, think that can make them compete with a
    seasoned tech, or even think that would alone qualify them for the job.
    sorry you thought that. :>)

  9. wink hvac says:


  10. DECOFRANCE says:

    sorry sir, but becoz on my experience they dont use fuse for each phase as
    protection for motor. instead they use a main breaker and an overload relay
    and this relay is the one responsible for opening the main contactor of
    motor. keep the motor energizing with high current could weld the contacts
    of main contactor,and even the overload protection activated becoz of high
    current ,

  11. James Barnett says:

    Well I just had a CCFL back light go out on my VGC LS30E all in one sony
    computer and Sony wanted $512. dollars to relace the LCD screen, I took the
    machine apart and found a dirty open on the Back light connection to the
    bulb so I resoldered it and now my cost for fixing it myself $0 dollars, my
    time about 2 1/2 hours and I’m back on the internet! ; )

  12. BossRob24 says:

    @8ballealey Any helpful tips would be very helpful and very much
    appreciated. I will be graduating from Wyotech Technical College as an
    electrician and would like some pointing in the right direction for
    apprenticeship employment. Any useful info?

  13. Hugstyggr says:

    How can I get the full version of this program?

  14. Arash Hooshmand says:


    How to do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control Circuit

  15. modeyus1984 says:

    This is a pretty useful training guide for any beginning electrician.

  16. Алексей Малкин says:

    First you need check voltage on fuses and only then current 🙂

  17. kinfe keb says:

    Thank you……!!!!!! Develop a lot…………. and see the magic behind
    the curtain What is going inside the panel…., no more be mystified and
    got panic with electric failure and from the possible shout of “what you
    did on the machine” from my foreman while operating in it…..

  18. Electrician Training says:

    A “how to” using unique #electrical troubleshooting #skills training and
    testing #simulation software. (not just scholastic/theory knowledge,
    teaches actual skills via real world simulations.) don’t worry, it only
    pretends to shock users not doing LOTO. lol

  19. Junaidi Juned says:

    what is the name of this software…? help please…..

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  21. m says:

    great video, thanks. i wish i was 19 again.

  22. Nathaniel Johnson says:

    hey tom do you have a website to teach electrical troubleshooting?

  23. phạm ngọc hải says:

    what is software his used to simulation?

  24. YOUSEF Ali says:

    What is the name of the program please

  25. Elco Service says:

    very good instructional video on troubleshooting