How to check digital electric meter reading in Pakistan | Kwh meter

Energy meter or kWh electric meter is a measuring instrument which is used for measuring different electrical power and energy parameters like total electricity units kWh MD (maximum demand) also called MDI means maximum demand indicator previous month total load and instantaneous kw etc.

There are many brands manufacturers for making these energy meters so after watching this video you can check and read any WAPDA meter reading like k electric digital meter information or Iesco Lesco Pepco Qesco and Pesco etc.
Normally a single phase meter having 5 energy meter reading parameters for digital meter reading in Pakistan a meter reader from supply company comes and note that for billing purpose.

So in this video I covered various queries about these electric meters like energy meter reading calculation energy meter reading unit kWh meter reading calculator energy meter reading formula
What is KWH or digital energy meter unit calculation.

And also explained practically how to check digital meter reading and I also show and read a static single phase energy meter and
single phase energy meter in Hindi language.
There are also used analogue disk type energy meter which have a disc rotating inside I also explained how to check disk type energy meter reading so please watch complete video and like it.

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